Hands on: Samsung Odyssey OLED G60SD/G80SD: two exciting new entries in the gaming monitor market

Glare-free technology among exciting range of features

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Early Verdict

I was able to sit down and trial two of Samsung's latest gaming monitor offerings – the Odyssey OLED G60SD and G80SD. Both deeply impressed me with smooth, latency-free gameplay, high refresh rates and response times, and tons of new features, all wrapped up in a slick design. The glare-free technology and HDR 10 have me particularly excited as features that are sure to vastly improve my gaming experience.


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    Beautiful colors and aesthetics

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    Excellent specs

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    Tons of new QOL features

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    HDR 10 for the G80SD model


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Several monitors were showcased at the Samsung Wonders Unlocked event, with two of them gaming-oriented. In recent years, the manufacturer has really stepped up its gaming monitor game, with the Odyssey series delivering on display quality and performance as some of the best gaming monitors out there.

I tested two of the latest in the Odyssey series – the Odyssey OLED G60SD and the Odyssey OLED G80SD – to see how these iterations hold up. So far, I've been very pleased with the results. Not only do they look great, but they offer plenty of upgrades, quality-of-life additions, and improved specs to justify the steep price – especially the HDR 10 support, which was stunning to witness.

Odyssey OLED G60SD: Price and availability

The Odyssey OLED G series has two models: the 27-inch Odyssey OLED G60SD and the 32-inch Odyssey OLED G80SD.

The G60SD is available for preorder on the Samsung online store at $899.99 / £799 / AU$1,499, while the G80SD is priced at $1,299.99 / £1,099.99 / AU$2,058. You'll also receive a bonus of $300 in Samsung credit if you purchase one of the new monitor models.

Odyssey OLED G60SD: Specs

Here are the specs for the Odyssey OLED G60SD/G80SD at a glance. 

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Odyssey OLED G60SD/G80SD specs
Screen size27-inch / 32-inch
Aspect ratio16:9
Resolution2560 x 1440 / 3840 x 2160
Brightness250 nits (average)
Viewing Angle178°(H)/178°(V)
Contrast ratio1,000,000:1
Color support99% DCI-P3
Inputs2 x HDMI 2.1, 1 x Display port 1.4, 3 x USB Type-C
Weight15.2lbs / 18.5lbs

Odyssey OLED G60SD/G80SD: Design

Odyssey OLED G60SD

Odyssey OLED G80SD

Like most other Odyssey-series gaming monitors, the Odyssey OLED G60SD and G80SD look gorgeous. They sport luscious QHD+ and UHD 4K OLED displays, respectively, both outfitted with glare-free technology that actually works – and quite well at that. 

I tested it out by simply having the monitor near sunlight coming in through an open window (one of the most pervasive lighting situations for the average buyer), and light didn't wash out the screen in the slightest. Thanks to this tech, the flat shape of the monitors isn't a hindrance as they don't require the curved shape to filter out light. I'll go out on a limb and say that this is such an important feature that it'll make reviewing other monitors difficult, as glare is one of my biggest issues.

Other nifty new features that combat overheating and OLED burn-in are Samsung OLED Safeguard+ technology and the Dynamic Cooling System. These tools diffuse heat and reduce the monitor's core and surface temperatures, keeping the internal components safe from heat damage and preventing burn-in from static images like logos and taskbars.

The two monitors' vibrant white color stands out in the sea of plain black monitors on the market, especially when paired with the CoreSync and Core Lighting+ features. Those are RGB light rings in the back of the monitor that you can control through various settings. They're purely aesthetic, but help brighten up your gaming desk setup in a fun and unobtrusive way.

I also appreciate how, despite the large screen sizes, it's easy to pick up both the monitor and stand, making moving them around a living space much easier. The thin displays also mean that it doesn't take up much desk real estate, an absolute boon for any gamer struggling with space issues.

Odyssey OLED G60SD/G80SD: performance

Odyssey OLED G60SD

Odyssey OLED G80SD

I tested out both the Odyssey OLED G60SD and G80SD gaming monitors through Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more of the best PC games. The G60SD has a higher refresh rate at 360Hz versus the G80SD's 240Hz, while both sport a 0.03ms response time. Combined with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, you can fully eliminate choppiness, screen lag, and image tears. 

No matter what title I played, the gameplay was silky smooth and made the QHD+ and UHD 4K resolution shine even more. It was also explained to me that the G80SD featured no color shifting, no added latency, and could maintain its 240Hz refresh rate at 4K – an impressive feat. It has a tool called the Samsung NQ8 AI Gen3 Processor, meaning that the monitor can upscale content to nearly 4K.

I was also able to try HDR10 through the G80SD and compare the image to the G60SD. We started with Red Dead Redemption 2's prologue through the wintery landscape as the protagonist navigated through a snowstorm on horseback. Not only were the colors, the whites, and the blacks far more vibrant, but the overall picture quality was much sharper and cleaner, with improved visuals.

Odyssey OLED G60SD/G80SD: early verdict

gaming monitor near white keyboard

(Image credit: Future)

Both the Samsung Odyssey OLED G60SD and G80SD are exceptional gaming monitors that not only boast excellent specs but also come with a host of other quality-of-life features and upgrades that enhance the gaming experience. 

From a full ventilation system that prevents the dreaded OLED burn-in to HDR 10 that takes an iconic scene from a video game and elevates it to new heights to (one of my personal favorites) glare-free technology that ensures sunlight from an open window won't completely wash out your screen during a gaming session.

I'm excited to see what Samsung will churn out next, as its gaming offerings just keep getting better and better with each new year.

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