New Cherry mechanical switches 'switch' up design with plenty of quality-of-life changes

Cherry MX2A Switch
(Image credit: Cherry )

Cherry is releasing a brand new switch line called the Cherry MX2A Switch, a massive improvement on the original MX Switch that was first released in 1983. 

According to Cherry, the new switch design “promises smoother actuation for a more responsive and satisfying typing experience, improved acoustics for a more pleasant sound profile, and a guaranteed lifespan of more than 100 million actuations.” The high and much smoother actuations are due to Hyperglide tech, as well as the lubricant on its radius-convexed and diamond-polished socket dome that also reduces spring noise.

The new barrel shape makes for near-contactless linear movement, which reduces spring deformation and scratching, reducing long-term wear and tear. There’s also a ribbed spring-centering stem that gives a more consistent sound, reduces scratchiness, and enhances sliding.

The line of Cherry MX2A Switches will include variations like MX Red, MX Brown, MX Black, MX Speed Silver, MX Silent Red, and their respective RGB variants. In particular, the MX Blue version will keep its distinctive clicky character by not including both the lubrication and barrel spring.

The Cherry XTRFY K5V2 will be the first mechanical keyboard that features the MX2A Switches. It’s based on the K5 keyboard and features a 65% format with everything from the switches, stabilizers and keycaps to the cable, frame, and the logo plate is hot-swappable. It boasts metal plate construction, LED RGB lighting, double layers of sound-dampening foam, and pre-lubed PCB-mounted stabilizers. You can also customize RGB illumination. macros, media controls, and more. The best part is that all options are available through the keys with no need for software.

The Cherry MX2A Switch is available now through Cherry’s retail partners, while the Cherry XTRFY K5V2 mechanical keyboard will be available later in 2023.

Cherry switches are top quality 

It’s no secret that Cherry manufactures some of the best mechanical switches in the market, with the brand dominating our best gaming keyboard switches list and even gracing some of the best gaming laptops. A great example would be the Alienware m18, a desktop replacement that uses a full CherryMX RGB mechanical keyboard. 

And for good reason too, as Cherry switches are well-built, consistently high-quality, and deliver both great performance, feel, and sound no matter which variation you choose. But it’s still surprising that the base design hasn’t been refined since 1983.

When your switches are used in some of the best gaming keyboards and best gaming laptops, however, then I suppose there’s no real reason to reinvent the wheel. Hopefully, with these improvements and design overhauls, we’ll see even better switch performance.

Allisa James
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