What is BT Complete Wi-Fi?

bt complete wi-fi broadband

Home Wi-Fi these days is like electricity...if it goes down the entire home is in a panic (but candles aren't going to get you very far). Seeing this, BT has come up with its BT Complete Wi-Fi service to make sure you stay connected, all the time

Specifically, the idea is to make sure you don't get weak Wi-Fi that affects your services around the home, seeking to put an end to weak broadband signal when you move away from your router. So how does that work, can you get it and what does it cost?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about BT Compete Wi-Fi.

What is BT Complete Wi-Fi?

Following BT's Whole Home Wi-Fi, this newer BT Complete Wi-Fi gives you the same mesh network coverage but with a far cleaner and more minimal solution. A mesh network ensures that Wi-Fi is strong across a home so you don't have areas with weaker signal or, at worst, black spots. 

That should mean consistent high-speed connectivity ideal for TVs, laptops, phones and smart speakers. Thanks to that mesh network these can all be connected to Wi-Fi at once without compromising the quality or speed of the connection.

BT says a typical four bedroom home could see an increase in speeds of up to 25 percent using just one Wi-Fi Disc - the extra units required to spread the internet love around the home.

How does BT Complete Wi-Fi work? 

Central to this service is a BT Smart Hub 2 router. This comes with up to two free Wi-Fi Discs which can be placed as boosters to spread the signal across the home. BT will send additional Discs if there are areas of your home where you're having problems with connectivity.

Thanks to 802.11ac Wi-Fi you get both long range 2.4GHz and shorter range but faster 5GHz to layer connectivity for the best overall performance. That translates to up to 1733Mb on 5GHz and 289Mb on 2.4GHz. 

The Discs, BT says, help reduce buffering and dropped connections which should mean you have the same quality connection all over the home. This is ideal for watching 4K Netflix in a bedroom, for example.

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How much does BT Complete Wi-Fi cost?

The BT Complete Wi-Fi service is available to BT Broadband subscribers. For current BT Plus customers the upgrade to BT Complete Wi-Fi is just an extra £5 per month. For standard fibre customers this cost goes up to £10 per month (both correct at the time of writing).

If you don't have complete coverage all over your home BT says it will give you £20 back as part of its speed guarantee. So it could be worth the punt if you're constantly annoyed by your unreliable ISP or your house is vast enough that dodgy connections in far reaches is a problem.

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