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Best eco-friendly phone cases: where to go for a biodegradable case

Best eco-friendly phone cases
(Image credit: Pela)

The fast nature of technology isn't always good for the environment. It makes it all too tempting to discard technology and move onto the next big thing, while gradually using up the Earth's resources without even meaning to. 

While no one wants to stop upgrading to new gadgets, you can make some concessions in the form of buying an eco-friendly phone case. It's the ideal solution if you're trying to move towards a zero-waste lifestyle or you want to cut back on your plastic usage. 

These cases are typically made from sustainable or recycled materials so that they protect your phone without damaging the environment. After all, phone cases are often treated as disposable items that you're likely to switch between on a regular basis. 

What better than to have a case that protects your phone and the world all at once? It's the ideal way to cut back on your plastic usage without missing out on anything. Many eco-friendly phone cases look great too. 

We've taken a look at some of the biggest brands in eco-friendly phone cases, focusing on those that are biodegradable and made from materials that are either sustainable or previously recycled. They all protect your phone as efficiently as most plastic cases too because it's important that your phone is kept safe, along with the environment we live amongst. 

Best eco-friendly phone cases

(Image credit: Pela)


Plant-based cases that also raise money for charity

Want a stylish case that also does a lot of great things for the world? You can't really go wrong with Pela's ethos. All of its cases are plant-based and compostable with a huge selection available encompassing all iPhones (right back to the iPhone 5) and a vast array of Android phones too. 

Even better, if you like your cases to match, you can buy AirPods cases and Apple Watch wrist bands that match the look of your phone case while also still being made from 100% compostable materials. The cases look great and they perform well in drop tests. 

Pela gets even better ethically when it comes to charitable contributions. 5% of its total sales go to environmental charities in a bid to further improve the planet. The cases look gorgeous too so you won't feel like you're being shortchanged with your choice. 

Best eco-friendly phone cases

(Image credit: Wave)


Inexpensive cases for eco-conscious people on a budget

Wave doesn't offer the most extensive range of cases out there. It predominantly focuses on iPhone cases and a few Samsung smartphones, however they're fantastic value for what they are. A slip-on case rather than a wraparound solution, they're typically significantly cheaper than a lot of other eco-friendly cases while still being made entirely from biodegradable produce. 

Wave cases are made from wheat straw and even their shipping material is made from recycled cardboard so there's no waste here. A matte finish ensures you can grip onto the case safely without worrying about slippage. Your options might be a little more limited here with only a handful of color schemes to choose from, but you can't beat it in terms of value, working out on slightly pricier than a plastic solution. 

Best eco-friendly phone cases

(Image credit: Popsicase)


Stylish cases (with handles) made from fishing nets 

We all know that fishing nets are horrifically destructive to the environment with abandoned nets often causing havoc for defenceless birds. Popsicase considered this and decided to turn nets into phone cases, combining them with scrap aluminium to form stylish and unique looking phone cases.

The cases are available in plain colors but it's the quirkier, nature-focused looks that are our favorites. Customers also get the choice of having a handle or not on the back of their case which is ideal for those with mobility issues or if you're simply in need of an extra grip. 

Cases are exclusively available for iPhones so Android users will miss out here. For iPhone fans though, they're well priced with a donation also made to the NGO Good Planet to further help the world, along with compensations made for CO2 emissions relating to the shipping of the item. For something a little different, Popsicase hit the spot just right when it comes to style. 

Best eco-friendly phone cases

(Image credit: MMOREcases)


A choice of different materials each with a unique scent 

Rather than using simply one type of compostable material to create a case, MMORE cases offers plenty of different options, accounting for every taste. It's possible to order cases that offer a covering made from hemp, hay, jasmine, and even coffee, giving you a subtle scent of each of these materials while you use the phone. 

With all the cases, they're made from organic and sustainable material, proving 100% recyclable, so whatever you choose, you know you're doing your bit for the environment. 

The quirky part is the ability to choose an aroma that suits your tastes. If you're not too fussed about a nice scent, you can always opt for a classy looking wooden solution that is still recyclable with a tree planted to replace each one used. Personalized solutions are also available if you're looking for a unique gift idea. 

Best eco-friendly phone cases

(Image credit: Uunique)


Eco-friendly cases for all the latest phones 

While many retailers focus on iPhones when it comes to eco-conscious cases, Uunique hasn't forgotten about Samsung owners. It might not cater for other Android smartphones, but if you're looking for a great solution for your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S20, you can't go wrong here. A wide variety of different cases are available from the subtle to the 'I want to make a statement' choice of printed pink floral.

Fortunately, whichever you pick, the case is guaranteed to be eco-friendly. Each of Uunique's cases are plastic-free and made with plant-based elements. They still maintain shock proofing, and they'll happily work with your Qi wireless charger, all while you're safe in the knowledge that you're helping the environment. 1% of purchases go towards global eco-charities too. Just make sure not to get lured away by the company's non-eco-friendly case collection. 

Best eco-friendly phone cases

(Image credit: Casetify)


Compostable and customizable phone cases

Casteify is a well-known name in the phone case market as well as providing other phone and smartwatch accessories, and even UV sanitizers. It's keen to stress with its new range of compostable cases that you still enjoy military-grade level of protection thanks to the use of bamboo-based materials and corn starch. The company also vows that it'll plant one tree for each compostable and biodegradable case it sells as part of a partnership with Earth Day Network's Canopy Project.

The cases themselves lack quirky patterns but instead, you're able to customize the case, adding whatever text you want to make the case yours. Casteify believes it's the only biodegradable case company to currently offer this service and it's a particularly attractive move if you're looking for a fun gift idea. Eco-friendly packaging rounds off the environmentally friendly gift idea quite well. Bear in mind this is an iPhone only option again though.

Survivor All-Terrain Earth

(Image credit: Survivor)

Survivor Earth

Sustainable yet protective too

Made from sustainable materials, the Survivor All-Terrain Earth is also surprisingly robust. It offers 4 layers of protection comprised of both soft and hard sustainable bio-resins so you get a lightweight design but plenty of durability. Plus, there's the all-important factor of knowing that your case choice isn't damaging the environment. 

With 20 feet of drop protection, a raised edge bezel for the screen and camera, plus antimicrobial defenses, there are a lot of reasons to like this case series. Just bear in mind that color schemes can be a little earthy, understandably so. 

LifeProof Wake Series

(Image credit: LifeProof)

LifeProof Wake Series

Ocean friendly and simple to use

Made from 85% ocean-based recycled plastic such as salvaged fishing gear, the LifeProof Wake series of cases is available in four colors, each offering a sleek wave pattern. While not able to handle a huge drop, it can still withstand up to 2 meters which should be good for most daily purposes.

The sculpted wave pattern looks quite stylish with a snug fit that wraps around your iPhone fairly well. Being fairly well priced makes it all the more endearing plus LifeProof donates a dollar to one of its water-conscious nonprofit partners too.

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