3D-printed Adidas shoes just took a step closer to reality

This midsole is just the beginning

It's always hard to find shoes that fit just right, but Adidas thinks it's solved the problem with 3D printing.

The athletic apparel maker has unveiled a new 3D-printed running shoe midsole prototype called Futurecraft 3D. Using what Adidas calls "a unique combination of materials and process," Futurecraft 3D claims to be tailored for individual runners.

It's just the beginning of Adidas's plans for bespoke footwear: the company imagines a future where customers can pop into an Adidas store, take a jaunt on a treadmill for gait analysis, and have a Futurecraft 3D shoe printed there and then.

Adidas plans to announce more "groundbreaking design innovations" in the next six months.


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