The Cool-er is by far the cheapest, smallest and lightest ebook to date and fits snugly in a suit pocket or manbag. Nattily, it also looks a damn sight funkier than the sober, scholarly aesthetic chosen by competing ebook manufacturers over at Sony and Amazon.

Ardent traditionalists that are quick to declare ebooks "a passing fad" are soon won over when they realise that the Cool-er's e-ink tech really DOES work – and is a very similar experience to reading a paperback.

Interead is marketing the idea of the electronic book as a fun entertainment device and, as such, in comparison it makes Sony's poor old Reader seem rather dull and overly serious-minded. The company's founder Neil Jones says he was tired of ebook readers that were unwieldy, expensive and restrictive in terms of their ability to let you choose and share a wide range of ebooks. In addition to that, the Cool-er is both PC and Mac compatible.

For more info on the Cool-er and the new online ebookstore check out Interead's websites at Cool-er and