A number of online retailers have pushed the Samsung Galaxy S II UK release date back from March to May.

Last month, we brought you the news that online retailer Clove claimed it would start selling the Samsung Galaxy S II in March.

Expansys and Play.com also published similar release dates and we were all jolly excited about the imminent prospect of all that Android Gingerbread, Super AMOLED-screened action.

Delays and set-backs?

But now all three retailers list the Samsung Galaxy S II UK release date as some time in May.

The actual dates vary; Play.com reckons the release will come on 6 May, Expansys says 9 May and Clove is non-committal, simply saying that it expects the first stock in May.

When it comes to price, though, Clove is offering the best SIM-free deal on the Samsung Galaxy S II 16GB model, selling the handset unlocked for £528.00.