Spotify has told TechRadar that it is looking to replicate the recently announced deal with 3, but is very pleased to have extended its reach to a new potential subscriber base.

A spokesperson told us: "From Spotify's perspective, the deal will give us excellent exposure among 3's mobile user base and its 400-plus stores across the UK, help drive the number of Spotify Premium subscribers, as well as give music fans in search of a deal an even bigger reason to try us out.

"As for other deals - we're always looking to partner up with great companies but nothing to report on that front."

Branded handset ahoy?

The rumours of a branded handset for Spotify are increasing in pace, and this new announcement only serves to increase them at the moment.

Given 3 and handset manufacturer INQ are owned by the same Hutchinson Whampoa group, it makes sense that this would be a deal going forward, but Spotify is remaining tight-lipped on whether this will be happening in the UK.

Either way this is another step forward for the streaming service as it looks to move forward and start making a profit - if a subscription is almost stealthily given to users it will be a massive boost for Spotify to have a guaranteed income for two years.