Apple's bitcoin snub has got people smashing their iPhones

Apple's no fan of bitcoin, it seems, with Cupertino having just blocked the final bitcoin wallet app from the App Store.

Apple's taken down a number of bitcoin wallet apps but the final one to go, Blockchain, has caused a fair amount of backlash from the cryptocurrency community.

Apple gave no notice that it was going to remove the app from the iOS App Store and Mac App store, despite the fact it's been around for over two years.

One Reddit user even promised to give away a Nexus 5 to the first five people to smash their iPhone. Sure enough, people got smashing.

Smashy smashy

"The only thing that has changed is that bitcoin has become competitive to Apple's own payment system," said a response from Blockchain on the matter.

Meanwhile Android still has a number of bitcoin wallet apps available, so Google's still in the good books of cryptocurrency fans.

Apple better hurry up with those sapphire screens before the iPhone smashers get too carried away. Or just reinstate the apps.