Free satellite takes off in the UK

900,000 users taking alternative digital route

Free satellite services - such as the FreeSat service offered by the BBC and ITV, or BSkyB's option - have almost hit a million users according to the latest statistics.

Ofcom has announced a rise of 120,000 users compared to the same time last quarter, as regions of the UK gear up for the full digital switchover.

Life after Sky

The majority of these numbers are coming from BSkyB or other retailers, showing that a large amount of digital users are continuing to use their Sky dish after they decide to stop paying a subscription for the service.

In the last quarter, around 60,000 FreeSat units were sold in the UK alone, with this number set to rise as consumer education grows and HD options begin to be rolled out.

The report also mentioned that nearly nine out of 10 households have digital TV on their main set, news which will please those trying to help make the country aware that a full digital switchover is imminent.


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