Rockstar miffed as Amazon delivers some GTA V discs four days early

Rockstar is investigating a reported shipping error from Amazon, which has seen some customers receive their copies of Grand Theft Auto V, four days before the September 17 release date.

The most anticipated game of 2013 turned up in the mailbox of some lucky customers on Saturday, with the game not hitting stores until Tuesday.

Pictures posted online over the weekend showed an unopened version of the game along with the shipping documents from Amazon.

In a statement given to GamesIndustry, Rockstar said: "We are in the process of investigating early 'sales' to determine how and why that is occurring."


Amazon, of course, is used to shipping items early to ensure they're received on the actual launch date, but this is a very strange anomaly, given the high profile nature of this launch.

GamesIndustry speculates that the incident will upset brick and mortar gaming stores, who may even begin selling the game early as a result. We could have a revolt on our hands come Monday morning.