GamePad 2 unveiled, Archos hopes it fixed the first one's shortcomings

Another Android gaming device? Just what we need

Unimpressed with the current line of Android gaming devices but aren't ready to give up on them quite yet? Try the just-announced Archos GamePad 2 on for size.

The follow-up to the first GamePad leaked late last month, so it's no surprise to learn Archos had the real deal lurking all along.

Fitted with a 7-inch HD IPS screen at 1280 x 800 resolution, the new GamePad tablet scored a quad-core 1.6GHz A9 processor, a jump from the original's dual-core chip. Archos also skipped to Android 4.2 this time around, a step-up from the first model's Android 4.1.

Not only is this a newer version of Android, "this is Android as Google designed it to be," meaning no skins or overlays.

The boosts don't stop there - not only is Archos packing 2GB of RAM in the gaming machine, it's offering both an 8GB and 16GB version. Plus, the GamePad 2 has microSD support, meaning users can go all the way up to 64GB for extra gaming goodness.

More GamePad 2 specs

There's a touted 50% larger battery, which when coupled with the device's "super energy-efficient" 28nm processor tech affords a longer-lasting gaming experience.

Perhaps most importantly to owners of the first GamePad (or those who wanted one but hated its outdated and low-quality analog nubs), Archos said that in this version, the thumb-sticks are more precise and flex a concave shape. The same precision goes for the double buttons on the GamePad 2's shoulders and a "vastly improved button click-feeling."

GamePad No. 2 also features a single part directional pad, which Archos claimed makes for easier hadokens.

Archos GamePad 2

Comes with Archos' own Game Mapping Tool

Users can put the new controls to the test as soon as their slate arrives because Archos is shipping each GamePad 2 with two pre-installed games - Asphalt 8 Airborne and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, both from Gameloft.

Because of its Google connection (and because it's a tablet), the GamePad 2 has access to a suite of Mountain View's apps, like Gmail, Hangouts and YouTube, as well as the Play Store.

Lastly, the GamePad 2 has tech Archos called Wireless Display, which simply means users can touch a button and mirror what's on their slate to a compatible TV. There's also a mini-HDMI slot for just this purpose, too.

GamePad 2 release date and price

European residents can look for the GamePad 2 at the end of this month with a pretty decent price of £179.99/€179.99.

For the U.S., the GamePad 2's price should hit $199.99 when it's released at the end of Q4.