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Kensington MicroSaver review

For on-the-go security and peace of mind…

Kensington MicroSaver
The Kensington MicroSaver is a good way of keeping your laptop secure when out and about

Our Verdict

An excellent lock for mobile devices on the move from Kensington


  • Retractable
  • Key replacement scheme

Losing your laptop is no fun. Even if it's insured there's the hassle of getting a new one and claiming your money back, and the loss of data could prove anything from inconvenient to catastrophic, depending on what you've got on there. A high quality laptop lock is a wise investment.

Kensington has been in the computer security business for more than 25 years, so there's a wealth of experience behind this one. It's a great little lock, too. Its 1.2-metre cable retracts into a convenient pocket-sized plastic case. Loop it around a fixed object like a table leg, and then fit the lock using a standard T-shaped K-slot mechanism.

It comes with two keys, and if you register their serial number on Kensington's website, you can order more.

The MicroSaver is sturdy enough for a laptop bag and will deter a casual thief.