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Get one of the cheapest Google Pixel 4 deals on EE with these exclusive codes

Google Pixel 4 deals
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You want one of the world's best camera phones but don't want to fork out the full price. We hear you and we've got your back (more metaphorically than literally) with a host of Google Pixel 4 deals, discounted in price.

If you've heard anything about Google's range of devices, it's likely about their award-winning snappers. And of the entire line-up, Google's latest, the Pixel 4, is the one to really get excited about

With telephoto lenses, AI software, advanced night sight and astrophotography (the ability to get shots of stars) all crammed into the phone, it's no surprise the Google Pixel 4 launched with a pretty hefty price tag.

So what do these discounted tariffs get you? There are two options - one on the Pixel 4 and one on the Google Pixel 4 XL - both with £25 cut off the upfront price thanks to some exclusive codes for you readers of TechRadar.

Obviously, while these EE plans are looking pretty great, they won't fit everyone's needs from a phone. If you need a phone contract with more data, cheaper pricing, no upfront costs or any other kind of combination, check out our guide to the best mobile phone deals.

These exclusive Google Pixel 4 deals:

Google Pixel 4 from | EE | £75 £50 upfront (with code TECHPIX) | 16GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £28 per month
Go for the cheaper Google Pixel 4 and you'll be paying just £28 a month to get 16GB of data. With the code TECHPIX, you'll knock £25 off the upfront cost, bringing it down to £50 and making it the best Google Pixel 4 deal around right now.View Deal

Google Pixel 4 XL from e2save | EE | £124 £99 upfront (with code TECHPIXL) | 30GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £33 per month
Want more power? You can cut the upfront cost of a Pixel 4 XL as well. With this one, your monthly bills climb up to £33 but you're getting 30GB of data. The upfront costs are cut by £25 - the same as above - but with this one, you're using the code TECHPIXL.
View Deal

Is the Google Pixel 4 any good?

The Google Pixel 4 offers a number of innovative features and major upgrades. It's the first phone to fully implement motion sense features, allowing you to use the phone with gestures.

The processor has gotten a major upgrade, finally bringing the Pixel range up to competitive standards of RAM, and the OLED screen has seen major improvements, now capable of 90HZ refresh rates and offering ambient EQ technology that lets you adjust the screen to your environment.

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