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Half of us spend £5,000 a year on gadgets

The Wii will dominate gadget sales this Christmas

A new survey reveals just what Britons spend a sizeable chunk of their income on each year - buying new gadgets and gizmos.

Over 60 per cent of us spend £5,000 on gadgets every year, with nearly a third (30 per cent) of those surveyed saying that they have 15 gadgets in total.

Of those questioned, 46 per cent said that high definition TV is the best new consumer technology invention, which goes along with the fact that Sky has already pre-sold 40,000 subscriptions to its Sky HD service.

People's favourite gadget remains, unsurprisingly, the mobile phone, with 26 per cent saying it was the best gadget ever and more than a third saying they wouldn't be able to live without theirs. The TV came in second place, with 27 per cent saying it was their most beloved device.

This autumn's forthcoming devices are eagerly awaited, with Sony's PlayStation 3 being the number one choice for the 44 per cent that were looking forward to its launch next month. Nintendo's Wii was the second most popular, with a quarter of the vote.

The short battery life in portable devices such as notebook computers, MP3 players and mobiles was named as the most irritating thing about the latest technology devices. Anna Lagerkvist