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Samsung Galaxy S10 deals have come shooting down in price...but it is clear why

Samsung Galaxy S10 deals
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As we entered into the new decade, January smashed Samsung Galaxy S10 deals waaay up in price leaving it a less than desirable option. Then, Samsung tried to play ball, throwing in a freebie of a smartwatch with S10 contracts to once again make them a viable option.

Now, here we are. January over, Samsung's free watch gone and Samsung Galaxy S10 deals are falling in price. While a free gift is always appreciated, it arguably doesn't always mean free with retailers giving the price of their deals a gentle shove to accommodate for the extras they are throwing in.

So, when this freebie went out the window, we were ready to see the new, cheaper Samsung Galaxy S10 deals. If this is a handset you've been waiting to grab at a lower price, we've picked out the top options now at a lower price and listed them below.


The best price cut Samsung Galaxy S10 deals:

Samsung Galaxy S10: at | EE | £140 upfront (with 10OFF) | 4GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £23pm
Now that Samsung's watch freebie has left the stage, getting affordable monthly bills is once again a possibility...if you don't mind chucking a bit on the upfront cost. With this deal you're paying £23 a month and £140 upfront (with our code 10OFF).
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Samsung Galaxy S10: at Mobile Phones Direct | Vodafone | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | minutes and texts | £43 per month
The most important part of this deal is its data cap - unlimited. And that's truly unlimited, no speed caps and all. And with Samsung's freebie now gone, you're not paying a penny upfront, earning you roughly a £90 saving on this handset. All you're left paying is £43 a month.
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Samsung Galaxy S10: at Chitter Chatter | EE | FREE upfront | 30GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £33pm
Want the best price around without having to splash out on the upfront cost? This deal comes in with no starting costs, just £33 a month. It's on EE - the UK's fastest 4G network and earns you a pretty decent 30GB of data each and every month.
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What is the Samsung Galaxy S10 like?

The S10 is an excellent smartphone, that is still impressing us with the new Samsung S20 on the near horizon. Fitting perfectly between Samsung's affordable S10e and its mammoth S10 Plus and Note 10 devices, this phone is the ideal middle ground. You're getting a high-quality screen, in-screen fingerprint scanner and a powerful battery/processor combo.

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