The best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 deals in 2019

With no UK release for the Note 5 and the fire-starting Note 7 being pulled from shelves, the Galaxy Note 4 is a very tempting deal if you're after a big-screened, high-performing Android smartphone - especially if you've seen the price of the new Galaxy Note 8.

It's hard not to love Samsung's amazing Note 4. We admit that we hoped the Galaxy Note 5 would come to the UK, but the specs on this phone are just as good and it proves quite a bit cheaper than the likes of Samsung's newer Galaxy S8 Plus phablet.

Contract options have been phased out now, so you can only buy the handset on its own then grab one of our cheap 30-day or 12-month SIM only deals.

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The Galaxy Note 4 adds bundles of amazing features that makes this handset a legitimate flagship. There's a removable battery and a microSD card, both of which have now vanished from the Galaxy S range.

Even more important though is the stunning camera on the Note 4. If you're using your phone for photography then you won't be disappointed by what you get out of the Note. The S-Pen enables you to write notes and translate them from handwriting to text and while it's a niche feature, it can be very handy.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review highlights

We liked

The screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is fantastic. The QHD resolution ensures absolutely everything is pin sharp and the Super AMOLED tech makes colours really pop.

Your eyes alone will thank you for picking up the Galaxy Note 4, and those of you who love gaming and watching movies on your phone it's perfect.

We must also mention the camera, as the Galaxy Note 4 is capable of taking some really excellent snaps.

There's plenty of power packed in too, giving you a slick, fluid interface and the improved design with the metal frame makes the Galaxy Note 4 feel like the premium phone its price tag suggests.

It isn't as stunning to look at or hold as the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple still wins the style war, but at least the Note 4 has a decent level of grip.

We disliked

Get over the size and the price (which has reduced now) of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and there's little to dislike about this dominating phablet.

There will be a large number of people who won't be able to get past the size and price of the Galaxy Note 4 - it is big, and it is expensive (although it has dropped slightly in price) - but that's not a huge issue for this handset.

It knows its market, and Samsung provides devices in a number of tiers to satisfy almost anyone.

Want the metal design in a smaller package? Get the Galaxy Alpha. Want the latest tech Samsung has to offer? Then there's the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

The S Pen has come on leaps and bounds since its introduction with the original Galaxy Note, and while the precision has increased substantially on the Galaxy Note 4 it still feels a little, well, pointless.

We found ourselves using it very rarely. Unless you like sketching on your smartphone, or for some reason think it's quicker to hand write notes than tap them out (it's not, btw), then it provides little attraction.

Samsung still has a way to go with its fingerprint scanner as it's nowhere near as good as Apple's Touch ID or even Huawei's offering, and you'll likely find yourself turning it off after a while.


Samsung has packed in more power, an even better display and a great camera making the Galaxy Note 4 an excellent smartphone. It may no longer be the best phablet around, but if your budget won't stretch to the Note 5 then this won't let you down.

If you're already rocking the Galaxy Note 3 there's not a huge point in upgrading, unless you really want the screen and chassis bump, but if you're rocking an older phablet or considering picking one up the Galaxy Note 4 should on your list.

It'll be too big for some, while the true usefulness of the S Pen is still questionable, but overlook these things and you'll be more than happy with the now-cheaper Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

First reviewed: October 2014