New Samsung Galaxy S10e price is £669 to buy SIM-free

samsung galaxy s10e
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 Just when you thought that prices of new Samsung phones were only ever going to get steeper and steeper, the manufacturer pulls a skid and drops in a new budget version of its Galaxy S range to appeal to consumers with more sense than money. And it’s called the Samsung Galaxy S10e.

While its flagship S10 phone has crept to within a pound of the £800-mark and it’s flogging a 1TB memory S10 Plus for a whopping £1,400, pre-ordering a £669 SIM-free Galaxy S10e from Samsung means that you’ll be able to own a brand new Samsung smartphone for 2017 prices (the S8’s RRP was £639 on release two years ago).

Head to Samsung’s website to pre-order a SIM-free Samsung S10e now

So what does your £669 get you? Well we call this a budget phone, but we’re not talking about slumming it with weak processors or old technology. So that’s a 5.8-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display, 12MP and 16MP dual main cameras, 3,100mAh and 6GB RAM processing. That’s a lot of phone for the price.

You could think of it as Samsung’s answer to the massively popular iPhone XR. Apple lead the way with a more affordable flagship last year and the gamble really paid off. We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S10e to absolutely fly of the shelves at this price, with pre-orders being delivered on March 8.