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Tim Cook continues to sound the death knell for your PC

12-inch MacBook

Tim Cook has added to his recent comment that the PC is on borrowed time following the launch of the iPad Pro.

Speaking to Italian business newspaper Corriere della Sera about issues such as privacy, cloud computing and youth employment in Italy's tech sector, Cook said that the super-sized tablet could replace a number of existing devices.

He said: "Many will replace their old iPads with it, while for others it will take the place of a PC. It will attract attention in the business segment but also that of the creative to which we give a digital pen with unique characteristics. And also for multimedia it is a fantastic tool."

No love lost

Cook recently told the telegraph that he didn't understand why anybody would buy a PC any longer now that the iPad Pro is out in the wild. But he hasn't ditched the Cupertino company's computers completely.

He added: "I still love my Mac. But these days I'm travelling and I only have my iPad Pro and iPhone with me."

Cook didn't mention what model he uses — but we're guessing it's probably not 12-inch MacBook, which is pretty much an iPad with a keyboard.