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Tablet version of EEE PC coming by June

Eee PC T91
The Eee PC T91 will be here come summer

In a piece of monumentally good news for Eee PC fans, it turns out that the much-anticipated T91 touchscreen model we first saw as long ago as January will hit the shops within a month.

According to tech news site Electric Pig, the T91 will be in UK shops by early June and will retail for around £450, which is slightly more than we might have anticipated.

Sat-nav built in?

Nonetheless, there's a strong possibility that the new netbook/Tablet PC will come with a TV tuner and a GPS chip built in, making it a strong contender for shoppers looking to combine multiple devices.

Other specs are still unclear, but you can bet there won't be too much divergence from the Intel Atom-based formula that has served Asus so well to date.