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UK school PCs a 'massive energy-sink'

The Sirius report says that schools produce a million tonnes of CO2 per year

A new report slams British education authorities for encouraging schools to purchase energy-hungry technology.

The Sirius report says that schools are producing a million tonnes of CO2 per year and spending £100 million a year on electricity.

BECTA, the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency, is responsible for the development of IT in UK education.

Mark Taylor, CEO at Sirius Corporation, said: "We realised that the computing model promoted by BECTA's frameworks is creating a massive energy-sink."

"Most school's PCs spend their time idle," says Taylor. "The hardware specified is just too powerful for the tasks required of school children. They're like an SUV for every child."

The report criticises the Government target of an interactive whiteboard in every classroom and a computer for every pupil. Sirius predicts this will increase power consumption tenfold over the next decade.

"The hardware requirements to run Windows Vista means these consumption figures will rise even further," surmises Taylor.