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CES 2007: Cleaning pads keep gadgets pristine

The pads safely remove debris, dirt and grime from keys

Computers are usually covered in dust and grime, whether we notice it or not. The screen can often be so dirty that it fails to display properly.

At CES next week, the Peel & Clean notebook pads will be demonstrated to visitors by makers Bart 1 Products . It is perhaps not the most exciting of products to be showed off at the three-day event but sound very, very useful indeed.

The pads safely remove any debris from keys, ensuring that the screen will always display instantly and properly.

One side of the 9x12cm double-sided pads stick to the keyboard, and the other placed to sandwich the pad. Once the notebook is opened, all the dirt, dust and debris sticks to the pad and can be thrown away.

The Peel & Clean pads are also available in mini versions for smartphones, mobile phones, and GPS devices among other gadgets.