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Black Friday iPhone deals for 2020: what to expect in the UK

black friday iphone deals
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If you want a new Apple phone, the Black Friday iPhone deals are probably going to be the best time of the year to grab it, as we'd expect most phones from the company still on sale will get big price cuts.

Over the course of last year's Black Friday, iPhones ranging from the newest to older ones saw discounts - even the new iPhone 11 saw one surprising sale. This year, there are even more Apple handsets to consider.

2020 saw the launch of the new budget iPhone SE which, if discounted in Black Friday, will provide some exceptional price points for Apple. On top of that, now iPhone 12 deals are here, we could see some discounts on that.

While it is still too early to know exactly what kind of Black Friday iPhone deals we'll get in 2020, last year's iPhone contracts suggest that we could be expecting a strong collection. Below we've answered some key Black Friday 2020 iPhone questions and listed our favourite offers from last year.

When is Black Friday 2020?

This year, Black Friday will kick in on November 27, 2020. That gives you just over a month to figure out what kind of iPhone you are looking for. Also, if you're looking at Black Friday iPhone deals as a Christmas gift for someone, it will be just over a month from Black Friday that Christmas kicks in - perfect timing!

Which iPhones could get Black Friday discounts?

The new iPhone 12 range, including the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro, probably won't get straight-up discounts, due to them being so new. That doesn't mean they won't see deals though - we could see carriers offering bundles or reduced-price contracts to entice you into buying them.

What about the iPhone SE (2020)? We'd expect some modest price cuts on that smartphone, as it's not new enough for Apple to leave it alone, but it is modern enough that we wouldn't expect huge reductions.

The iPhone 11 series might see big price cuts though, as they're at the right age to be affordable alternatives to the iPhone 12. The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have been officially discontinued by Apple, so we could see huge savings on those as retailers clear their stock.

We saw some pretty great iPhone XS and XS Max deals last year but since both have been discontinued for some time now, we'd expect stocks our low. There might be discounts, but don't count on it. The iPhone XR could see some amazing price cuts though, as it's old but still officially sold by Apple, so it could become a real iPhone SE competitor for people looking for an affordable phone.

The iPhone X is a little older now, and we wouldn't expect much in the way of discounts there. Likewise older iPhones might be left alone - last year a few got modest reductions from some third-party retailers, but nothing to write home about.

Top five Black Friday 2019 iPhone deals:

Below is a selection of the best iPhone deals we saw over Black Friday 2019 to give you a rough idea of the discounts we'd expect in 2020. It's unlikely any of these deals will still be live, so this is mostly just a rough outline of what happened last year.

iPhone 11: at | Vodafone | £74 upfront (with code TRIPH11) | 60GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £33pm
This iPhone 11 deal from 2019 came in and tour up Black Friday. It took a brand new iPhone and brought the price crashing down. And, as if the affordable pricing wasn't already enough, an exclusive code brought the upfront cost even lower.

EXCLUSIVE: iPhone XS from Fonehouse | Three | £49.99 FREE upfront with BFTRXS code | Unlimited minutes and texts | 100GB data | £41 per month
This was really a special bit of pricing on 2018's iPhone XS. We recoiled with a cold sweat at some of the £60+ bills you had to pay when this phone first hit the market. But £41 felt much more affordable in 2019, especially when you could use our exclusive code to ensure you wouldn't pay a thing upfront.

iPhone XR: at Affordable Mobiles | EE | £144 upfront (with code TRBF30) | 24GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £29 per month
We're fully aware that the upfront cost on this deal was high, but come on... £29 a month bills! And, thanks to an exclusive TechRadar code (TRBF30) that upfront cost was at its lowest here, meaning you just needed to pay £144. And at that price, you got a massive 24GB of data.

iPhone 11 Pro from Carphone Warehouse | Vodafone | £99 upfront | 60GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £49 per month
If nothing but the very best iPhone will do, then look no further than the iPhone 11 Pro. This deal brought the monthly payments down to under the £50, which was no mean feat. That's especially true with all that lovely data to stream, surf and download with.

iPhone 11: at Very | SIM-free | £729 £699
The locations where you could find a SIM-free iPhone 11 were limited on Black Friday 2019. The best place to go was Very, which offered the iPhone 11 for just £699 - it's lowest price yet! That might seem like a small discount but considering this is already an affordable iPhone, it's one we were very happy about.

Black Friday iPhone deals 2020: FAQ

What is likely to be the standout offer this year?

If last year is anything to go by, the device we are most expecting to see a strong discount on is the iPhone 12. In 2019, the iPhone 11 had only just been released and yet, retailers across the market were going big on that one device.

The other highly likely option is some excellent pricing on the new iPhone SE. It is Apple's cheapest phone yet and if any retailer is able to shave some significant costs off, it could be the best budget option we'll see for a while.

Past those two, deals on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are likely to see some major discounts and we would expect the XR or XS to see some strong prices - especially SIM-free!

Will there be any cheap iPhones in Black Friday?

The key choice for cheap iPhones this year is going to the iPhone SE. It's a 2020 release that sports one of the lowest prices Apple has ever offered. On top of that, Black Friday is set to bring the prices down even further.

We imagine this will be one of the many battle grounds where retailers attempt to take the top spot, offering iPhone SE deals well below the average cost. This means we could easily see prices sink well below the £20 a month mark.

While other older iPhones may appear, we can't imagine the likes of the 8 or anything older will see any substantial discount. With this in mind, the focus will be on devices like the SE, XR and 11 for more affordable price points.

Will Black Friday be a good time to get the iPhone SE?

This is likely going to be the device that we see the best opportunities on in Black Friday. In fact, Black Friday iPhone SE deals are set to offer some of the best Apple value this year.

With it now representing the one up to date cheap iPhone, it is likely going to be the centre of attention in...well, a saving event! We expect to see deals across networks, data caps and storage sizes bringing the cost of this phone right down.

Will there be any SIM-free Black Friday iPhone deals?

While there likely will be, SIM-free Apple deals are never quite as good as the contracts. Apple tends to avoid major SIM-free price cuts on recent devices. That will include the iPhone SE, iPhone 12 and likely all three iPhone 11 handsets.

However, the good news is that we could quite possibly see a major reduction in the cost of iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and older devices in terms of SIM-free deals. Amazon, John Lewis or other similar sites could well bring the costs heavily down.

Last year we saw a retailer half the price of a Samsung phone that had just launched that year! Hopefully the same will happen here.

Should you wait until Black Friday to buy iPhone deals?

If you're in no urgent need to buy an iPhone straight away, it will be worth holding off until Black Friday. On almost every single iPhone, you will see the cheapest prices on Black Friday.

However, if you do need to grab an iPhone now as your contract is up, there are plenty of great offers available now. Use our iPhone deals guide to see the kind of prices available to you.

Will Apple be discounting iPhones directly?

It is highly unlikely that Apple will be providing discounts from its site directly, Apple isn't really one for price drops after all! However, that doesn't mean you can't get a lowered Apple price.

Other than the price drop we're likely to see when the iPhone 12 comes out, Apple deals will only really come from 3rd party retailers like Very, John Lewis, Argos or Amazon.