The best mattress 2024: your expert guide to the dreamiest beds

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Simba Hybrid Pro mattress on a coloured background

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How we test mattresses
Our Best Mattress guide is editorially independent – we choose which models to review and which ones appear in our ranking. We test each mattress thoroughly for three weeks; see our mattress methodology for more info.

Finding the best mattress can feel like a daunting task when you're not entirely sure what you should be looking for, and that probably describes most shoppers. We don't buy mattresses very often and when we do, there are far too many similar-looking options to choose from. Luckily we've done all the research to help you decide much more easily.

At TechRadar, our experts take mattresses seriously. We're constantly researching them and checking prices, and when we review them we don't mess about: our testers sleep on each mattress for at least three weeks before they start writing, so they've had plenty of time to properly get to know each model before sharing their opinion. If a mattress is listed here then you can rest assured that it's a quality bed.

You'll find mattress deals cropping up all year round, but some are better than others. You'll find shopping advice with each list entry and we'll give you our honest opinion on whether the offers are worth taking notice of or not.

Below is our list of the best mattresses based on sleeping styles, budget, and other key factors. (Do you sleep with a restless partner? Are you prone to waking up to night sweats? These are all things to consider, and we can help you decide how to find the best mattress for you.)  Got all that? Let's help you find the best mattress for you...

The quick list

If you're keen to buy a bed right now and don't want to comb through loads of information, here's an at-a-glance overview of our pick of the top mattresses available now.

The best mattresses in 2024 – chosen by experts

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Best mattress overall

Brook + Wilde elite mattress on a bed in a luxurious looking bedroom

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)
The best mattress for most people


Type: Hybrid
Materials: Memory foam, other foams, pocket springs
Firmness (1-10): 3, 5 or 7
Height: 28cm
Trial: 200 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price bracket: Upper-mid
Buy it if

You prefer a traditional feel: The Elite has a bit of memory foam for cushioning, but the overall feel is pretty traditional, offering plenty of support and responsiveness.

✅ You want to pick your firmness: This is the only mattress on our list that's available in three different firmness profiles, so you can pick the perfect feel for you.

You want help setting up: Setup is included for free, so you won't have to lift a finger. It's vacuum-packed and rolled for delivery, so it can be maneuvered through tight hallways. (Panda at #5 also offers this.)

Don't buy it if

❌ You need a new bed, fast: These mattresses are made to order, and take up to four weeks for delivery. If you're in desperate need of something to sleep on, some of the other mattresses here can be on your bed frame in a day or two.

You want sink-in contouring: Although it's nicely cushioned, this is a mattress you sleep on top of rather than sinking to far into. For that gooey memory foam feel, check out the Emma (#2).

You want a more sumptuous feel: The Brook + Wilde is a pretty luxurious bed, but if you want something more decadent, head to #8 and check out the Relyon Bridgwater, which is the tallest mattress in our guide, and has a tufted pillow-top.

The bottom line

🔎  The Brook + Wilde Elite is a super-supportive hybrid mattress that, thanks to three firmness options, can suit almost anyone. It's almost always discounted into the upper-mid price bracket, and incredible value for that price. ★★★★½

We think the Brook + Wilde Elite is the best mattress you can buy right now. This bed-in-a-box hybrid has something for everyone because it's available in three different levels of firmness (more on those in a sec), which means it can cater to a range of body types and sleep position preferences. Our tester slept on the firmest version, and felt that it helped them maintain proper alignment no matter how they slept – alleviating any nagging aches and pains they had along the way.

Like the other hybrids in our best mattress guide, Brook + Wilde’s Elite is breathable (springs encourage better airflow than all-foam mattresses), and that’s enhanced by a thermo-regulating top layer. The four-way stretch cover is also designed to be breathable, and you can unzip it and machine wash it. 

The real magic inside the 8-layer Elite mattress is Brook + Wilde’s Wave Technology, which draws upon specialist foam to cushion and provide pressure relief in the upper part of the mattress. This ensures your spine is aligned during sleep and that pressure points are relieved. There's a total of 3,000 springs in this hybrid mattress too – 2,000 mini springs to add a little bounce and to move with you as you turn in bed, plus an extra 1,000 taller springs to provide even more bounce and push back. 

The Elite's blend of foam and springs culminates in superior edge support. Whether you like to utilise as much bed space as possible by stretching out or need to sit on the edge of your bed in order to comfortably get in or out of sleeping position, the Elite will provide you with plenty of stability so there's no fear of falling over. Our reviewers also found motion isolation to be very good, which bodes well for co-sleepers who don't want to be disrupted by their partner's movements.

Officially, the three firmness options are soft (3 out of 10), medium (5) and firm (7). We tested the firm (which at a 7/10 actually falls into our medium-firm bracket) and found that rating roughly correct. However, we'd wager the two softer options aren't as soft as those ratings suggest – we've tried a medium version of another of Brook + Wilde's beds, and it was only slightly softer than the firmest option (plus, a 3/10 would really ridiculously squishy).

Brook + Wilde has won a raft of awards and accolades for all of its mattresses, including the Elite, which offers high comfort and support for a not-extravagant price (it's almost always discounted). You’ll have 100 nights to try it out, and there's a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind. You'll also get free white glove delivery and setup so all you'll need to worry about is dressing it in your favourite bedding.

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress: £999£499.50 at Brook + Wilde

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress: was £999 now from £499.50 at Brook + Wilde
Brook + Wilde is currently taking 50% off the Elite mattress with the code UPTO55, bringing a double to just £649.50. While most mattresses in the Brook + Wilde sale are half off, if you really want to splash out, the luxury Perla mattress is down by 55%.

Best memory foam mattress

The Emma Mattress shown on a black metal bed frame and photographed against a green background

(Image credit: Future)
The best memory foam mattress


Type: All-foam
Materials: Memory foam, other foams
Firmness (1-10): 6
Height: 25cm
Trial: 200 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price bracket: Lower-mid
Buy it if

You sleep on your side: The Emma's contouring foam and sink-in softness makes it super comfortable for side sleepers.

You're on a budget: This mattress sits in the lower-mid price bracket is one of the cheapest models in our best mattress ranking. It's not as cheap as the Rem-Fit Pocket 1000 (#6) but it is higher quality, so better value.

You share a bed: The slow-moving foams are great at absorbing movements, so you won't be aware of wriggling on the other side of the bed.

Don't buy it if

❌ You sleep hot: This mattress can run a little warm. If you struggle with overheating, hybrids tend to offer better breathability – consider upgrading to the Brook + Wilde (#1).

You lie on your back or stomach: The softer sleep surface won't provide enough support for some back/stomach sleepers. In our Origin Hybrid review we found this mattress more supportive for these positions (it's in a similar price bracket).

You prefer a traditional feel: The Emma has a slow-moving, sink-in feel that some find ultra-soothing, but which isn't for everyone. Any of the hybrids on this list will deliver a bouncier, more responsive feel. 

The bottom line

🔎  The Emma Original is a super-popular, soothing memory foam mattress for a very affordable price. The sink-in foams are dreamily comfortable for side sleepers, although can run a little warm on occasion. ★★★★½

The Emma Original is a memory foam mattress that delivers dreamy comfort for a very affordable price tag. We consider it the best mattress for side sleepers thanks to a medium sleep feel and contouring foams, which allow the sleeper's shoulder and hip to sink in gently, keeping the spine aligned and preventing pressure from building up in these hotspots.

In our review, some of our testers found it comfortable for back and stomach sleeping too, although typically we'd recommend a medium-firm or firm feel for those positions (7.5 or above out of 10), especially if you're on the heavier side. That's to prevent your hips sinking too low into the surface and putting strain on your spine.

The design includes layers of different types of foams. Some are geared towards contouring or cooling, and the base layer is zoned to provide different levels of softness in different areas. Overall, the feel is classic memory foam – in fact, we rate this the best memory foam mattress on the market. There's also the choice of two covers: the standard cover (which we tested) and a thicker, plusher cover if you want something a little more luxe. If you want the latter, select the 'Original Plus' version on the Emma site – that's just the standard model with the comfort cover. 

One main down-side of memory foam is that it can have a tendency to cling on to body heat. The Emma has a number of features designed to combat this. Do they work? Yes... to an extent. The hot sleepers on our team found it slept a little warm, while our other testers found it comfy, cosy and temperature-neutral (neither cool or warm). So let’s say this: if you naturally run hot and you’re constantly kicking off the covers because you overheat during sleep, this isn't the mattress for you. For everyone else, at such a low price the Emma Original Mattress is hard to beat. 

That brings us to another of Emma's main plus-points: the price. You'll always find one of the two versions discounted into the lower-mid bracket, making the Emma one of the cheapest mattresses from a major bed brand. You can get lower-priced models (you'll find plenty in our best budget mattress guide) but the Emma is a worthwhile step up in quality compared to those.

Best firm mattress

Simba Hybrid Pro, our best hybrid mattress for all-over pressure relief

(Image credit: Simba Sleep)
The best firm mattress


Type: Hybrid
Materials: Wool, foams, pocket coils
Firmness (1-10): 8
Height: 28cm
Trial: 200 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price bracket: Premium
Buy it if

You're average or heavy in weight: The Simba Hybrid Pro has a firmer sleep feel, and shines when it comes to support.  

You prefer a responsive feel: The Simba has plenty of bounce and is nice and easy to change position on.

You want a more ethical mattress brand: Simba is a B-Corp certified  company, and its mattresses are made in England from UK-sourced materials, in zero-waste factories.

Don't buy it if

You're lightweight and lie on your side: Lightweight side-sleepers might find this too firm – the Emma (#2) is a better choice if that's you.

You're on a budget: This is one of the pricier models in our best mattress ranking. If it's out of your budget, check out the simpler, cheaper Simbatex foam mattress.

You want something even firmer: We rate the Hybrid Pro an 8 out of 10 on firmness – if that's still too cushiony for you, the Rem-Fit 500 (#10) is a 9 out of 10. 

The bottom line

🔎  The Simba Hybrid Pro has a firmly cushioned feel that delivers plenty of support – perfect for back / stomach sleepers and anyone on the heavier side. We're also impressed by Simba's focus on sustainability, and B-Corp certification. ★★★★

The Simba Hybrid Pro is a 28cm tall hybrid mattress from a well-known and respected UK sleep brand. The design is complex but effective, with upper layers of wool, foams and micro-coils for comfort, and a chunky pocket spring base for stability and support. Our panel found this mattress struck a nice balance between modern and traditional mattress feels, with the cushioning foams helping relieve pressure and isolate motion, but none of that that divisive sink-in feel you get with some memory foam mattresses. 

Simba says it's 'medium firm' but our testers rated it more 'firm', (around 8 out of 10 in terms of firmness). That sturdier feel will suit most back and stomach sleepers, and some side sleepers – especially if they're on the heavier side. On that point, the heavier testers on my panel found it especially comfortable, while those lighter in weight found it a bit too firm.

This mattress performed well across the board in our tests. The temperature regulation is good, and there's an option to upgrade to a cooling cover if you know that's often an issue for you (we didn't test this). Despite the bouncy feel, it also isolates motion pretty well, making it suitable for couples, unless one of you is an especially light sleeper. It's also nice and easy to change position on, although if you have mobility issues, note that we did feel the edge support could be a little better. 

This model is one of the pricier models in our ranking, and sales aren't as common as they used to be. We think it just about justifies that higher spend, especially if you factor in the brand's more ethical approach – it's the only one here to be B-Corp certified, and the mattresses are made from UK materials in a zero-waste factory. 

Simba Hybrid Pro: £899 £921.75 at Simba

Simba Hybrid Pro: was £899 now from £921.75 at Simba
The current Simba sale knocks 25% off the Hybrid Pro with standard cover, which means a double size is £921.75. That's not a historic low for this mattress, but it's a strong discount in the context of current prices – and you'll get a free mattress protector thrown in, too.

Best mattress for back pain

Levitex Sleep Posture Mattress

(Image credit: Levitex)
The best mattress for back pain


Type: All-foam
Materials: Foams
Firmness (1-10): 8
Height: 20cm
Trial: 44 nights
Warranty: 5 years
Price bracket: Upper-mid
Buy it if

You have a bad back: This mattress is specifically designed to promote perfect posture, and has been developed by someone with the medical expertise to back it up.

You prefer a foam mattress feel: Although this doesn't have the gooey feel of classic memory foam, the lack of springs means you're getting that bounce-free, soothing foam feel.

You share a bed: This all-foam design does a great job of isolating movements, so it's perfect for bed-sharers or light sleepers. 

Don't buy it if

You want a long warranty: The other beds in this guide have at least a 10-year warranty; Levitex only backs you for five.

You prefer a traditional mattress feel: Levitex is an all-foam mattress – if you prefer a more traditional feel, the Simba (#3) will deliver, and it's nice a firm to keep your spine supported, too.

❌ You want a more luxurious mattress: The Levitex is on the thinner side, and the design is simple. If you're after a luxurious look and feel, check out the Brook + Wilde (#4) or Relyon (#8) instead.

The bottom line

🔎  The Levitex mattress is designed specifically for optimum spinal support in any position. The simple but effective all-foam design delivers gentle contouring and edge-to-edge support. Our only complaint is the short trial and warranty. ★★★★½

The Levitex Sleep Posture Mattress is designed specifically to keep the sleeper's back in neutral alignment and comfortably supported in any position, and it really delivers. The straightforward design is made from proprietary foam, which has been developed to offer the perfect balance of sink to support. That translates to a mattress that left our testers feeling effortlessly supported in any position, with the plush upper levels offering dreamy pressure relief. Sturdy edges are also helpful for anyone dealing with mobility issues. 

If you suffer from back pain, this could well be the best mattress for you. The company's founder has plenty of expertise in the area, with a decade's experience working in hospitals to provide beds to help chronically ill and injured patients. The experience left him doubly sure of the power of sleep posture with regards to physical wellbeing and recovery. 

In our review, the Levitex mattress impressed in all areas of performance. It slept at a neutral temperature and didn't trap heat (like some memory foam mattresses can) and it also offers strong motion isolation, making it suitable for those who share a bed and don't want to be bothered by a partner's movements.

So what are the potential downsides? Although this mattress feels a lot more luxurious than it looks, if you're seeking hotel levels of sumptuousness, this probably isn't the best choice for you. It's also the shallowest mattress in this list, clocking in at 20cm tall. The trial and warranty are surprisingly short, at 44 nights and five years respectively – all the other bed brands on this list are more generous. Price-wise, the Levitex mattress sits in the upper-mid price bracket, and it's very rare to see a discount. If you struggle with back pain, though, it could be worth the investment. 

Best premium hybrid

Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress

(Image credit: Panda)
The best premium mattress


Type: Hybrid
Materials: Memory foam, other foams, pocket springs
Firmness (1-10): Officially 7, we rate 7.5
Height: 27cm
Trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price bracket: Premium
Buy it if

You need a supportive mattress: Our testers were most impressed with the Panda mattress' incredible edge-to-edge support.

You want to invest in a quality mattress: This is a premium priced mattress, but our testers were very impressed with the build quality and thoughtful design.

You don't want to lift a finger: The Panda comes with free white glove delivery to your bedroom, plus free old mattress recycling. (The Brook + Wilde at #1 also offers free white glove delivery.)

Don't buy it if

❌ You're a lightweight side sleeper: The firmer sleep feel might feel a bit too solid for lightweight side sleepers – for a softer feel, consider an all-foam option like the Emma (#2) or the soft version of the Brook + Wilde (#1).

❌ You're on a budget: If the premium Panda is out of your budget, the Brook + Wilde (#1) or the DreamCloud (#9) are both comparable in design, but cheaper to buy.

You want a long trial: You get 100 nights to make sure you love the Panda mattress. That's on the shorter side –others like DreamCloud (#9) give you a full year.

The bottom line

🔎  The Panda Bamboo mattress is a high-quality mattress with innovative materials and a thoughtful design. It delivers firm support, and great all-round performance. ★★★★½

The Panda Hybrid is a premium mattress that justifies its higher price tag with excellent build quality, innovative materials, and comprehensive customer service package. The hybrid design includes a cover and foam layer infused with the brand's signature bamboo, alongside other foams and zoned pocket springs, and our testers found it supremely comfortable and extremely well-made. 

There's a gentle amount of contouring and cushioning, but this isn't a mattress that you'll sink into too far. It's officially rated a 7 out of 10 in terms of firmness, but we felt it was a little sturdier – around a 7.5 – with outstanding support over the entire surface, including the edges. That firmer feel will suit back and stomach sleepers, as well as most side sleepers, although lightweight side sleepers might prefer something softer.

We were also very impressed with how well this mattress regulated temperature; our reviewers never felt overly warm when sleeping on it. For a slightly firmer mattress, the motion isolation was also surprisingly good, making it suitable for anyone who shares a bed and doesn't want to be disturbed by their partner's movements. Our one bugbear was the off-gassing, with the Panda smelling for almost a week. However, experiences with this can vary from person to person, so you might not have an issue with it.

The Panda mattress sits in the premium price bracket, and is rarely discounted – it's well worth taking advantage of any offers that do crop up. You'll get free white glove delivery to your room of choice (the Brook + Wilde at #1 is the only other mattress in our ranking to offer this), and Panda will take your old mattress away for recycling if you want them to, too, so you can upgrade your sleep setup with minimum disruption. As a company, it seems to have a strong focus on sustainability, which we appreciate, although it's not B-Corp certified like Simba (#3). 

Panda mattress: £950 £712 at Panda

Panda mattress: was £950 now from £712 at Panda
This brand almost never runs sales, so this 25% off deal is well worth taking advantage of. It drops the price of a double to £967.50, which isn't quite as cheap as it was on Black Friday, but is still far less than it usually is. It's well worth snapping up this deal.

Best budget mattress

Rem-Fit Pocket 1000 Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Rem-Fit)
The best budget mattress


Type: Hybrid
Materials: Memory foam, other foam, pocket springs
Firmness (1-10): 7
Height: 20cm
Trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 15 years
Price bracket: Budget
Buy it if

You're on a budget: This is the cheapest mattress on our list, and it comes from a reputable bed brand with plenty of expertise in mattress-making.

You share a bed: Thick layers of memory foam mean this mattress isolates movements very well, making it suitable for bed-sharers.

You sleep on your side: The medium-firm feel will work well for side sleepers, allowing the shoulder to sink in enough to prevent pressure from building up. 

Don't buy it if

You're able to spend a bit more: The Emma (#2) and Nectar (#7) both represent a decent step up in quality, so might be better value if you can afford the higher price.

You sleep hot: This mattress can sleep a bit warm. We found the Nectar (#7) offered better temperature regulation, but chronic overheaters should consider upgrading to the Brook + Wilde (#1).

You lie on your stomach: We judged this to have a medium sleep feel (around a 6.5 out of 10 on firmness) – front sleepers will likely need a 7 or firmer for proper support. 

The bottom line

🔎  The REM-Fit Pocket 1000 is the cheapest mattress here, which is especially impressive given that it's a hybrid. It's not perfect – it can run warm and the edge support isn't great – but it's still a solid choice for shoppers on a budget. ★★★★

The REM-Fit Pocket 1000 is the cheapest mattress on our list, typically coming in around £270 for a double. It comes from a trusted bed brand and delivers a lot for that very affordable price. The design is more advanced than you'd expect – for a start, it contains pocket springs, whereas most cheap mattresses are all-foam. Those coils are combined with a thick comfort layer of memory foam, and the cover can be removed and machine-washed if you like. 

Our reviewers found it ultra-comfortable, with the memory foam relieving pressure while the spring layer delivers good support. It has a medium-firm feel (around 7 out of 10 on firmness) that is best suited to side sleeping. It'll likely be a bit too soft for most stomach sleepers, who should opt for something firmer. 

This mattress really shines when it comes to motion isolation. The thick layers of memory foam absorb movements very well, so you won't feel any movements from the other side of the bed. That's great news for light sleepers and/or anyone who shares a bed. 

On the flip side, those memory foam layers do have a tendency to trap heat. That's what we'd expect from a cheaper memory foam, and is a common problem amongst the more affordable mattresses listed here. If you really struggle with overheating, you might need to invest in a pricier hybrid. Our testers also found the edge support a little weak, especially at the foot of the bed, which could be an issue if you have mobility issues or need a firm edge to press up off when rising in the morning.

The extras are solid. You'll get a 100 night trial, which is plenty of time to make sure it's a good fit for you, and a 15 year warranty. Rem-Fit is another of those companies that never sells at RRP – the standard price is around £270 for a double. We think it's good value for that price, but if you can invest a bit more, you generally get what you pay for. 

Rem-Fit Hybrid Pocket 1000: £529£211.60 at Rem-Fit

Rem-Fit Hybrid Pocket 1000: was £529 now from £211.60 at Rem-Fit
There's currently 60% off the Pocket 1000, which means a double is down to a super-affordable £266. This deal has been running a very long time, so it's nothing special, but it is really good value for money. 

Best mattress for extras

Nectar mattress on a light wooden bed in a colorful room

(Image credit: Nectar)
This mattress has the longest trial and warranty


Type: All-foam
Materials: Memory foam, other foams
Firmness (1-10): 7
Height: 25cm
Trial: 365 nights
Warranty: Forever
Price bracket: Mid-range / upper-mid
Buy it if

You want a long trial: Nectar gives you a full year to test its mattresses, which means you can try this bed out in all seasons before fully committing. Along with the DreamCloud (#9 – from the same parent company) it's the longest trial on this list.

You want great value for money: It's not the cheapest mattress in our ranking –that's the Rem-Fit at #6 – but it's one of the best value options, thanks to the good quality, mid-range price and ultra-generous extras (there's also a forever warranty).

You prefer a memory foam feel: There are no springs here, so expect that soothing foam feel with excellent motion isolation.

Don't buy it if

You weigh above average: If you're on the heavier side, you might want something firmer, or with coils, to ensure your hips don't sink in too much and put strain on your spine. The Brook + Wilde (#1) is a good alternative, or the DreamCloud (#9) if you want that long trial.

❌ You're a lightweight side sleeper: Our tester found this mattress a bit too firm for side sleeping – the Emma (#2) would be a better pick for some side sleepers, as it has a more contouring surface.

You often overheat at night: The temperature regulation here is fine, but if you tend to run warm at night, you'll be better off with a hybrid like the Brook + Wilde (#1).

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress has the most generous extras of any mattress on this list (well... matched by the DreamCloud, which sits at #9 and is from the same parent company). You'll have a full year to try it out, so you can test it in all seasons and get a feel for the durability before fully committing. It's also backed by a forever warranty, which speaks highly of the brand's confidence in its product.

The design is simple but effective, with three different types of foam – the uppermost of which is contouring memory foam. There is also a hybrid version, which adds a spring layer and costs a bit more. However, in that area it's also worth considering the DreamCloud (#9) which comes from the same parent company and boasts the same generous trial and warranty. 

When you lie down, that memory foam layer gets to work reducing pressure beneath your hips, knees (side sleepers) and shoulders, while ensuring your spine is comfortably aligned. We should note, however, that we found lighter-weight side sleepers may find the Nectar mattress just a little too firm, and might prefer the Emma (#2). On the flip side, those who weigh above average might need something firmer and more supportive. 

One benefit of all-foam mattresses is that they tend to absorb movements well, and that's certainly true of the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress. The high levels of motion isolation will benefit couples and light sleepers. Our tester did experience some off-gassing (learn more about what is mattress off-gassing) that took a few days to clear completely, but do note that experiences with this can vary from person to person. 

RRP tends to fluctuate, so focus on the price you're paying rather than the percentage discount, as this can be misleading. Keep an eye out, too, for bedding freebies, which can help amp up your value for money (assuming you actually need them). 

Nectar Memory Foam mattress:£475£380 at Nectar

Nectar Memory Foam mattress: was £475 now from £380 at Nectar
Head to Nectar for 20% off the Nectar Memory Foam mattress – which takes the price of a double down to £480. That's the cheapest price we've seen since we started recording prices in 2022, and well worth snapping up.

Best Luxury mattress

Relyon Bridgwater mattress

(Image credit: Dreams)
The best luxury mattress


Type: Latex hybrid
Materials: Dunlopillo latex foam, wool, pocket springs
Firmness (1-10): 'Medium-firm', we rate 7
Height: 30cm
Trial: 100 nights (exchange-only)
Warranty: 5 years
Price bracket: Premium
Buy it if

You want a luxurious mattress: The plush pillow-top, premium materials and thick profile give this Relyon mattress a distinctly decadent look and feel.

You run hot: The Relyon mattress uses a selection of naturally temperature-regulating materials to ensure it doesn't trap body heat.

You're seeking cushiony comfort: A medium-firm feel, with squishy pillow-top, mean this mattress delivers excellent pressure relief without the quicksand feel of memory foam. 

Don't buy it if

❌ You need a new mattress quickly: The Relyon Bridgewater can take up to six weeks to arrive. Most of the mattresses in this list can be on your bed far quicker than that.

❌ You prefer a firm sleep feel: The squishy pillow-top might not appeal to everyone – if you prefer a firmer surface, consider the Panda (#5) or Simba (#3) instead.

You're on a tighter budget: While we think it's worth the investment, this isn't the cheapest mattress around – check out the Brook + Wilde (#4) or DreamCloud (#9) for a lower-priced alternative. 

The bottom line

🔎  The Relyon Bridgwater Dunlopillo Latex Mattress is reliably made using premium materials including latex and wool. The thick profile and squishy pillow-top give it an air of luxury, and we were impressed with how supportive and sumptuous it felt. It's an investment, though. ★★★★½

The Relyon Bridgwater Dunlopillo Latex Mattress sits a chunky 30cm tall, and uses a range of high-end materials. The standout feature is perhaps the squishy pillow-top – you'd never see one of these on a modern bed-in-a-box, and it provides an undoubtedly sumptuous look and feel. 

In fact, the design in general is one of the most complex we've seen. Beneath the pillow-top, with damask tufted cover, are your 'comfort layers' of cashmere and wool – both naturally breathable as well as cushioning. Next up is a layer of Dunlopillo latex foam. This is a natural alternative to synthetic memory foam, and has a bouncier, more responsive feel, as well as being very durable. A further three mysterious 'supportive layers' follow, before the pocket springs, and finally a base layer. It's thick and unwieldy, but there are at least handles to help with maneuvering. 

The surface is medium-firm (around a seven out of 10), subtly bouncy and very supportive. While there's none of the 'hug' feel you'd get from memory foam, the pillow-top is pleasantly squishy and helps relieve pressure. Our testers found it dreamily comfortable in any position, but if you prefer a firmer, more uniform surface then check out the Panda at #1 instead. 

The variety of breathable natural materials in the upper levels of the Relyon Dunlopillo do a great job of regulating temperature, and our testers never felt overly warm when sleeping on this mattress. We were also impressed with how well it isolates movements, and found the edges reliably sturdy too.

In fact, our only real complaint around this mattress is to do with the extras. The price is premium, as you'd expect given the design and quality of materials, but the extras are less generous than almost any other product listed here. There's a 100-night trial, but it's exchange-only, and the warranty is really too short at only five years. You will also need to factor in longer delivery time, and make sure you have a bit of maneuvering room as this mattress is delivered flat rather than vacuum-packed and rolled. 

Best softer hybrid mattress

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

(Image credit: DreamCloud)
The best softer hybrid mattress


Type: Hybrid
Materials: Memory foam, other foam, pocket springs
Firmness (1-10): 6.5
Height: 28cm
Trial: 365 nights
Warranty: Forever
Price bracket: Upper-mid
Buy it if

You're a side sleeper: This is one of the softest hybrids on our list. That extra cushioning is great for side sleepers who need a bit of contouring around their hip and shoulder.

You want a long trial: Together with the Nectar (#7), this mattress has the longest trial on the list – you'll have a full year to give it a thorough tryout.

You share a bed: Some hybrids can have more motion transfer as a result of those bouncy springs, but we were impressed with how well the DreamCloud isolated movements. 

Don't buy it if

❌ You sleep hot: Our reviewer found this mattress slept a bit warm. If you struggle with overheating, the Brook + Wilde (#1) offers better temperature regulation.

❌ You're heavier in weight: The softer feel means those who weigh above average might not get the support they need. The Simba (#3) would be a good alternative.

You want an ultra-luxurious mattress: This mattress looks and feels pretty high-end, but if you want something super-sumptuous, you can't beat the Relyon (#8).

The bottom line

🔎  The DreamCloud is a softer hybrid mattress that's ideal side sleepers. It offers excellent motion isolation and sturdy edges, as well as a super-long trial, but can run a bit warm. ★★★★

If you want a softer mattress but your preference is for a hybrid, we recommend you take a look at the DreamCloud. Our tester rated it a 6.5 out of 10 on firmness, which falls into our medium feel bracket, and is the softest mattress on this list. (Side note: officially, the medium and plush versions of the Brook + Wilde at #1 are officially softer, but having tried a 'medium' firmness of another model in Brook + Wilde's lineup, we think the official firmness ratings of 5 and 3 are overstating how soft these mattresses are.) 

That softer feel is great for side sleepers, who will often get on better with a mattress that allows their shoulder to sink in a bit, avoiding pressure building up. However, anyone who weighs above average should seek something firmer to ensure they're getting enough support, and back and stomach sleepers should approach with caution too (often we recommend a feel of 7.5 or firmer for these positions).

The design combines body-hugging memory foam with supportive springs. Our reviewers found the foams delivered contouring comfort, while the coils boosted support. Because the springs are reinforced around the perimeter, you can comfortably sit right on the edge of this mattress, and use every inch of the surface for sleeping, too.  Motion isolation is also great, but we were less impressed with the temperature regulation here – our reviewers found this mattress could sleep warm. 

Because this mattress comes from the same parent company as the Nectar (#7), you get the same ultra-generous extras. There's a market-leading 365-night trial, plus a forever warranty, and free shipping and returns if you decide this isn’t the best choice for you after all. 

DreamCloud Mattress: £949 £409 at DreamCloud

DreamCloud Mattress: was £949 now from £409 at DreamCloud
The DreamCloud mattress is 57% off at the moment, taking the price of a double down to £710. There's never not a DreamCloud sale on and that price is pretty standard, but extras do vary – right now, you'll get a free bedding set, which is among the best of the freebies DreamCloud offers. 

How to choose the best mattress for you

Picking a great mattress comes down to a few key factors. The first is knowing which position you normally feel comfy enough to drift off in. The most common sleeping positions are side sleeping, stomach sleeping, back sleeping and combi sleeping, where you switch between all of those positions during the night. 

Choosing your best mattress also revolves around whether you have any specific health or posture needs, such as neck or back pain. If that’s the case, speak to your healthcare practitioner to see what they suggest in terms of the level of firmness you need – firm doesn’t always equal best for back pain relief. 

A medium-firm feel suits most sleepers and body weights, plus stomach and back snoozers, and a hybrid mattress with foam and springs is likely to be the best bet. Those with a lighter weight body, along with side sleepers, may prefer a softer mattress with more cushioning. Memory foam mattresses are good here. 

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Other health considerations include whether you’re a hot sleeper. If you are, the buzzwords to look for are ‘breathable’ and ‘cooling’. But not all breathable mattresses are made equal and we have certainly experienced our fair share of so-called cooling mattresses that still left us kicking off the covers at night. 

If you sleep very hot or have a health condition or take medication that causes night sweats, we’d recommend a proper cooling mattress. Be prepared to pay more for these, but if overheating is ruining your sleep, the cost is relative to improving your shut-eye.

Finally, consider your bed buddy’s needs if you co-sleep. We always recommend that couples pick a mattress with good motion isolation, as well as reinforced edge support so that you can both spread out and use every inch of the mattress while still feeling supported. 

When one of you sleeps cooler than the other, or enjoys a wildly different firmness level, you may be looking at split-model mattresses or two singles squished together. Whatever you decide, always pick a mattress that comes on a risk-free trial period so that you can send it back if you aren’t happy.

When is the best time to buy a mattress?

The best time to buy a mattress is typically the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. The Black Friday mattress deals and Cyber Monday mattress deals tend to be the lowest prices we see all year. The mattress market is ultra-competitive, and you're pretty much guaranteed a sale on at all the big bed brands and retailers. In most cases it'll be the lowest price of the year, or at least the same as the best price of the year. 

We have noticed during the run-up to this and the last Black Friday shopping event that some mattress manufacturers launched sales early (the first and second week of November), and there were some pre-Black Friday flash sales too (Nectar Sleep, for example, offered 25% off sitewide). 

What is the best mattress brand?

Our mattress buying guide features only this year’s top mattress brands - there are many that didn’t make the cut. We rate Emma Sleep as the best mattress manufacturer overall, as it makes a superbly comfortable memory foam boxed mattress that suits all types of sleepers. Plus, its excellent value for money, especially with a 50% discount (as you’ll find most months). 

Beyond Emma Sleep, we’ve reviewed and loved sleeping on the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress by Nectar Sleep. This is another trusted mattress brand with a huge pedigree in the world of online mattresses. It’s far bigger in the States than it is in the UK, but our experience of Nectar Sleep’s customer service and delivery processes have been fantastic. 

In terms of eco-friendliness, Simba Sleep is leading the way right now with a strong commitment to using fully recyclable materials and to limiting its contribution to landfill and pollution. 

However the best mattress brand for you might be completely different, depending on what you want from a mattress and what you value from a company. We suggest always shopping with a brand that offers a free trial period of over 90 nights, and that commits to free delivery and returns, plus a fair price for the materials used and the build quality. 

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