Watch Netflix on your phone? It just got easier to find the shows and movies you love

My Netflix in the iOS Netflix app
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix just made it a whole lot easier to find shows and movies worth watching – provided you're on your phone. The Netflix mobile app is getting a new feature, My Netflix, and it's available in the iOS app now. 

It'll be coming to Android in the next couple of weeks, and while Netflix hasn't indicated that it's coming to other platforms such as the best TVs, it'll no doubt appear on those eventually too.

My Netflix is a replacement for the Downloads tab. Your downloads will still be there, but the new tab also brings more personalized content to help you share what you've watched and to find more of the best Netflix series and best Netflix movies.

What is My Netflix and why is it there?

Writing on the official Netflix blog, Edith Chao explains that My Netflix is "a one-stop shop tailored to you with easy shortcuts to help you choose what you want to watch".

She continues: "In this new dedicated space on iOS and Android globally, you can see your downloads (e.g. Quarterback episodes for that long flight), TV series and movies you gave a thumbs up to, shows and films you’ve saved to My List (e.g. Heart of Stone, anyone?), trailers you’ve watched, reminders you’ve set, whatever you’re in the middle of watching, what you’ve recently watched, and more."

The idea is that the more you interact with the best streaming service, the more personal the My Netflix tab will become. So, in addition to reminders of forthcoming shows and links to shows that you've watched trailers for, it'll also start recommending more things to stream based on the shows you've watched, liked and shared with others. 

The new feature is available in the iOS app today and Netflix promises that it'll be in the Android version in early August 2023.

Carrie Marshall

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