Extraction 2 is still Netflix's top movie this week, but the best film is down the list

Get Out film
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It's that time of the week again, where Netflix releases its Global Top 10 of the most watched movies, and somewhat predictably Chris Hemsworth's mildly entertaining action movie Extraction 2 is topping the charts again. In the week to June 25, Extraction 2 has accumulated the most views at 42.2 million, followed by Extraction 2 with 13.8 million. 

But the best movie in the charts isn't quite as popular, it's at number nine with 2.4 million views and I can probably guarantee that each of one of those viewers aren't going to sleep very well for a very long time.

The film is Get Out, which stars Daniel Kaluuya in the lead role, who gives an astonishingly good performance. Written and directed by Jordan Peele, this horrifying masterpiece is one of the most disturbing films I've ever seen, and all the more so because it starts off so nice. Chris Washington is invited to visit his girlfriend's parents for the weekend, and while they're pretty clumsy – the parents are very awkward but they appear to be doing their best – it turns out that something really, really horrible is going on. 

If that sounds a bit much, don't worry. There's much lighter stuff among the top 10 most watched films on the world's best streaming service too, although after Extraction things are still pretty dark.

What are the top 10 Netflix movies?

After both Extraction movies there's Take Care of Maya, a deeply saddening story of medical incompetence and malpractice. If you've already seen the series, we've compiled four more hard-hitting true-life dramas to watch. 

Things take a lighter turn at number four on the list, with The Perfect Find. The film is a romance centering on a fashion editor's relationship with a young co-worker and the boss's son. After that, there's a film that's bloodier than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and more frightening than The Exorcist... Paw Patrol: The Movie.

Clint Eastwood's in at number six with The Mule, in which an ageing horticulturalist ends up as a delivery driver for a Mexican drug cartel, and at number seven there's the Cameron Diaz  and Ashton Kutcher comedy What Happens In Vegas. Animated daftness is in at number eight with The Boss Baby, and after Get Out the top ten ends with 47 Ronin, in which Keanu Reeves and his fellow samurai kick some serious ass.

While Get Out is still available to stream on Netflix in Australia, those based in the US will have to go to Fubo TV to watch it, while UK viewers can find it on ITVX. And while both Extraction movies also top our best Netflix movies list, there's plenty more to discover in there.   

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