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HANNspree HANNSnote arrives in the UK

HANNspree HANNSnote - goes like the Wind...
HANNspree HANNSnote - goes like the Wind...

HANNspree's foray into the netbook market, the HANNspree HANNSnote, has gone on sale in the UK for £259.99.

The manufacturer, best know for its novelty televisions, has announced that the HANNSnote is available now, with the Atom-based 10-incher likely to face an uphill struggle in a crowded and competitive market.


The 1GB machine has an Atom N270 1.6GHz processor, has Bluetooth, WiFi and, according to HANNspree, a full size keyboard.

What Laptop points out that the netbook is 'effectively a rebranded MSI Wind' in its review of the HANNspree HANSnote.

"This mini footprint is enhanced with two stylish glossy finish options, glossy pearl black and glossy pearl white, to create a sleek, sophisticated look for the fashion conscious gadget lover," adds HANNspree.