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Fujitsu unveils new laptops for an enterprise audience

Fujitsu Lifebook e554j
The new Fujitsu Lifebook e554j

Fujitsu has added two more laptop to its business-focused porfolio, the Lifebook E544/J and the E554/J, both sporting Microsoft's Windows 8.1 Pro as OS.

The only two differences between the pair are the screen sizes (14-in for the first one and 15.4-inch for the latter) and the cost (209,400 Yen - about £1,200 for the E554/j -and 244,100 Yen - about £1,400 for the E544/j).

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Sadly though both appeared to be running at a low 1,366 x 768 pixel resolution.

Notable features include shared internal components (motherboard, BIOS, port replicators, batteries and so on), a wide range of security options (self-encrypting HDD or SSD, fingerprint sensors, smartcard slots etc) and multi-bay slots.

The rest of the specification sheet includes Intel's Haswell-based Core i5, up to 16GB of RAM, 802.11ac, GbE Ethernet and Displayport.

Fujitsu opted to offer a serial port, handy for businesses with legacy, decade-old infrastructure. Both will be made on order and will be available globally towards the end of the month.