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Alienware's new laptop rocks ATI's CrossFireX

Alienware's new M17 rocks ATI's CrossfireX graphics
Alienware's new M17 rocks ATI's CrossfireX graphics

Alienware has launched its new gaming laptop, the M17 (not to be confused with the M17x) which packs in the advanced graphics capabilities of ATI's CrossFireX.

According to its press release, the Alienware M17 notebook "delivers vastly superior graphics and higher frame rates over single GPU configurations."

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The system goes on sale 'from' £999 featuring the World's First Mobile Quad-Core CPU, the Intel Core2 Quad, "supplying ample horsepower to the system so you can enjoy expanded multitasking abilities and faster speeds when taking on resource-intensive tasks such as playing next-generation games, video editing and more."

1 terabyte, 250,000 MP3s

There is also the option to bump up the hard-drive capacity to a full 1TB, to "hold over 150 games, 250 full-length movies or a jaw-dropping 250,000 songs."

Windows Vista 64-bit OS is able to process "twice as much information as a 32-bit version" (obviously), and can use notably more RAM (random access memory).

Finally, an optional internal TV tuner on the M17 "lets you watch, record and save for later all your favourite TV shows and movies, including full HD programming" at up to a 'beyond HD' level of 1200p resolution.