Don't buy a small Cyber Monday TV – I think this Echo Show 15 deal is better

Echo Show 15 deal
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As Cyber Monday approached this year, I was of a singular mind; I must find the small TV I'd been yearning for. To my surprise, I'm instead walking away with this 15-inch Echo Show and Alexa voice remote, a bundle that is discounted by 34% at Amazon in the US and 29% at Amazon in the UK (a record low in both regions) - and I couldn't be happier.

I'm not much of a sofa-sitter or TV watcher these days, preferring to use my iPad for viewing while I'm at my desk or in the kitchen, but I've been wanting a small screen to mount in my kitchen so I take up less counter space with my tablet.

Here enters the hero of my story; the Echo Show 15. Since its release (and our initial four-star review), the smart display has benefitted from a number of software updates, and principal among these is the addition of Fire TV, unlocking access to all of your favorite streaming services

While its 1080p 15.6-inch screen might sound too small to enjoy your favorite shows and movies, it's perfect if you're like me and simply like having something on in the background when you're away from your sofa - and especially if you're building out your smart home. As well as Fire TV, you can set up customizable widgets on the Echo Show 15 to keep your home organized, use a litany of Alexa skills, and even use it as a digital photo frame.

With this excellent Cyber Monday deal you can save on a sophisticated smart display, too. While you're at it, check out our guide to the best Cyber Monday Ring doorbell and camera deals to really amp up your smart home.

Cyber Monday Echo Show 15 deal (US)

Echo Show 15 + remote: $279.99$184.99 at Amazon
Record low -

Echo Show 15 + remote: was $279.99 now $184.99 at Amazon
Record low -
Now equipped with Fire TV software, the Echo Show makes for a fantastic miniature kitchen TV, and it's capable of so much more, too. From family organization to smart home control, this versatile screen makes for a great addition to any home. 

Cyber Monday Echo Show 15 deal (UK)

Echo Show 15 + remote: £299.98£209.99 at Amazon
Record low -

Echo Show 15 + remote: was £299.98 now £209.99 at Amazon
Record low -
With the addition of Fire TV, the Echo Show 15 becomes one of the most comprehensive smart displays out there. From family organization to smart home control, this versatile screen is an excellent way to smarten up your kitchen. 

I don't often sit on my sofa to watch TV - my current home theater setup is embarrassingly poor for a tech journalist, but I just don't have the space to accommodate anything more than what I have. Besides, most of my time is spent at my PC gaming setup or watching shows and movies on my iPad.

However, I do like to have something on in the background when I'm cooking or eating, which would be better served by a small, well-placed TV in my kitchen. Yet, when it came to shopping for the best Cyber Monday TV deals, I found myself in a Goldilocks dilemma - too large, too small, not smart enough, too smart; nothing fit the very specific needs I had.

Instead, the Echo Show 15 offers me a versatile alternative to trawling through TV deals - and it can do so much more than play Netflix or Disney Plus while I'm cooking. 

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