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The design of the Pebble Time lies somewhere in between pleasing to look at and cheap feeling, due to its rounded square body and plastic feel.

My initial thought before my watch shipped to me was was one of excitement. But upon receiving it, I felt a bit underwhelmed by its less than premium material.

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The watch still remains lightweight with a soft, silicone band that comes in white, red and black. There are also quick release pins that allow for easy switching to other, third party 22mm bands.

But, much like the Microsoft Band, my Pebble Time's stock strap grew lint-laden over time. Despite many efforts to keep it clean, lint and dust still piled on and remained.

Pebble Time

Because there is no touchscreen, you're left relying on the Pebble Time's four buttons. The one on the left side of the watch body takes you back one screen or home, where the there's an up, select and down button on the right side. The up and down buttons can be mapped as quick launch shortcuts for certain apps by pressing down and holding.

I feel like I've been spoiled by touch screen smartwatches, because it took a while for me to readjust to solely buttons. If you're going straight into the Pebble Time without having used any other smartwatch, it shouldn't be too off putting. And if you're upgrading from an older Pebble, don't sweat it.

Pebble Time

The buttons themselves are simple and familiar, but it feels like they require a deep push to fully register. Buttons on other watches like the Moto 360 or the Apple Watch's Digital Crown don't feel like they need that much force.


The silicone band and plastic body combine to make the Pebble Time featherlight and extremely comfortable to wear.

I didn't find the previous Pebbles to be uncomfortable despite their flat backs but the company designed the Time's watch body to include a slight curve to help it fit better on the wrist. I did notice that it wiggled around less and was able to stay nice and snug on my arm.

Pebble Time

It's also a watch perfect for wrists of all shapes and sizes, as the strap manages to accommodate pretty well for small and large wrists. I didn't have any issues with it notched on the second to last slot.