Pebble Time review

For those who want a simple, clean, slightly smart smartwatch

Pebble Time review
Pebble Time review

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The Pebble Time is compatible with both Android and iOS devices – but with some caveats. You can only read messages on iOS platforms and dismiss them once you're done. Android lets you reply similarly to how the Apple Watch lets you – through pre-written messages, emojis or with your voice.

The recent firmware update now lets Android users compose longer canned messages.

It's unclear when voice replies will be available on iOS, especially since it took so long for the actual Pebble Time app to show up in the Apple store.

Battery life

The battery life of all the Pebbles is pretty much legendary in terms of smartwatches. Rather than lasting the usual two days, the Pebble Time is able to work a whopping 10 whole days.

Pebble Time

This is likely because of its 150mAh battery, and even more so its e-paper screen.

With all notifications turned on, fitness functions and the always on screen, I was able to get the full 10 days despite dropping down to 30% battery on day five.

Plus, even when dead, the watch still displays the time for a short period before completely going blank.

Pebble Time

The charger of the Pebble Time is of course, different from the original Pebble. It has the same basic look, USB and magnetic connector.

The Time also takes about an hour to full charge up to 100%.