Samsung Galaxy A6 review

Good looks, but how's the performance?

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The Samsung Galaxy A6 would be a good phone if it was cheaper. It is a stretch at the price, however. A 720p-grade screen, low-power graphics processor and dated camera processing are hard to accept.

Still, if you just want a Samsung Galaxy phone that feels quite expensive and doesn’t cost too much, the Galaxy A6 will do the trick.

While not great at more advanced tasks, its day-to-day performance is perfectly adequate.

Who's this for?

The Samsung Galaxy A6 is for people who want a Samsung Galaxy but can’t afford the Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy A8.

Should you buy it?

You can get more phone for less money elsewhere, in particular from the Moto G6 family of phones. 

The Galaxy A6 is a tough sell unless you are set on owning a Samsung Galaxy. It can handle the basics well, but we deserve a little more for the money.

First reviewed: July 2018There are numerous alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy A6, including the following two handsets:

Moto G6

The Moto G6 may be perceived as a lower-end model because it comes from a budget range, but it's actually better than the A6 in most respects.

It has fast charging, a better CPU, sharper screen and a camera with Auto HDR. As it’s cheaper too, it seems a better choice than this arguably overpriced Samsung.

Honor 9 Lite

Now a good deal cheaper than the Galaxy A6, the Honor 9 Lite represents better value. It has a sharper screen, more powerful chipset and a glass back. That rear isn’t necessarily better than the A6’s aluminum one, but it is a more ‘current’ style.

That Honor offers better value than Samsung is no surprise, but it’s something to consider before buying into the Samsung brand at this price.

First reviewed: July 2018

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