Sony Xperia J review
Mid- to low-end device brings curvy Ice Cream Sandwich at a low price

The Sony Xperia J is, as the firm itself declared during its launch at IFA 2012, a smartphone which "combines great style with affordability."

It may not be a wizard on the inside, but overall it offers a respectable smartphone experience at an attractive price point.

We liked

We are fans of the design of the Sony Xperia J, bringing back the look from the old Sony Ericssons and updating it with a smooth, stylish finish that sits nicely in the hand.

Battery life is also impressive, as more and more smartphones struggle to get through a day the Xperia J will happily chug through at least two, if not more with careful use.

We disliked

The Xperia J is laggy, very laggy. We felt like we were constantly waiting for the phone to catch up with what we wanted it to do and this severely detracted from the user experience.

Typing out messages was also frustrating, with the poorly designed keyboard reducing us to mistake after mistake and leaving us sending texts or emails which only half made sense.

The camera isn't great either, and while we're aware the Xperia J is more of a budget-centric handset, there is better on offer for the same money.


If we're honest, we were a little disappointed with the Sony Xperia J. Sure, it looks great and will last a few days on one charge, but the sluggishness of the Android operating system makes us feel like we've gone back a few years.

We wanted to love the Xperia J, but instead we were left frustrated with flaws which we feel could have been easily addressed by Sony during development.

If you're in the market for a sub-£200 phone then we'd recommend you shop around, as there's a lot of choice out there and at the end of the day your decision will come down to personal preference.

You should certainly consider the Sony Xperia J, as it has all the makings of a decent handset and when the Jelly Bean upgrade lands, it might make all the difference. Here's hoping.