The Sony Xperia J can record video, but sadly only at VGA quality, so you may want to think twice before hitting that red button.

While we realise the Xperia J is a budget handset, 720p video recording is becoming more common at the lower end of the market, and the Orange San Diego manages to produce full HD film.

Sony Xperia J review

The video recording function can be accessed through the camera app – there's no separate icon for it – which means you'll need to wait for the application to load up, then switch modes before you can start shooting.

Options are relatively limited, with four scene modes plus exposure, white balance and metering to play with.

You can toggle the LED on the back of the Xperia J, but you'll need to decide if you want it on or off before recording, as you can't change it when rolling.

Sony Xperia J review

The digital zoom is in play in video mode too, with the Sony Xperia J allowing you to zoom in and out while recording, although the quality deteriorates the more you magnify the shot.

Once again the app is simple to use, with intuitive buttons providing users with an easy way to navigate around the various features on offer.

Sony Xperia J review

Needless to say results are far from spectacular. Video is grainy and pixelated, while colours and movement are poorly represented – if video recording isn't a big issue for you, then you can overlook these flaws, but for anyone who wants to be able to capture half decent footage on their phone, you'll need to look elsewhere.