LG Intouch Max GW620 review

Can LG actually make a decent budget Android mobile?

The definitive LG Intouch Max GW620 review
The definitive LG Intouch Max GW620 review

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Battery life on the LG Intouch Max GW620 was remarkably good - that's probably due to the big power pack providing juice under the hood. We managed to get a good day's use out of our device nearly every time - in fact, turn off the push email and Wi-Fi and all that and you'll probably be able to make the phone last two days; and even longer than that if you're a moderate user.

If you've had other phones from LG, you'll have noticed that there are some bizarre additions to the clan, like motion sensitive gaming. Well, that's also here with the Intouch Max GW620, as well as the faithful radio tuner. We can't explain to you how cool the radio portion of this phone is until you try it for yourself - suffice to say that the touch-controlled dial still works like a dream on this phone.

LG intouch max gw620

Applications are at a premium here on the phone - that's why there's a link to the Application Market from LG, as is the case with nearly every Android device.

But wait! There's a problem here - Google has upgraded the Android Market, making it easy to see the applications in search, and view screenshots and all that - but that's only for those with Android 1.6 and above to take advantage of.

The LG GW620 runs on 1.5, you might remember, meaning that we're getting a very basic Market experience indeed - not a problem if you've never picked up an Android phone before, a bit iffy if you've played with a better one.

We mentioned before the Moxier suite of products - well, that means that you get corporate access to your calendars and contacts on the phone, although there's no way to synchronise your appointments with the main calendar.

We're still impressed by the addition of the Moxier suite, and there's a lot worse on offer out there to get your work stuff onto a personal mobile phone.

There's also a suite of work-related products on there too - you're able to view Word, Excel and PDF files on the phone thanks to bundled software.

LG intouch max gw620

Connectivity is much as you'd expect on an Android phone - there's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with A2DP support, high speed 3.5G and GPS of course.

The latter option works pretty fast, even managing to get a lock on you when you're in a building (as long as you're near-ish a window) and it can keep hold of your location well too. It means that Geotagging of photos is possible - although we're still not convinced there's a lot of call for such a function.

Overall, the LG Intouch Max GW620 is a pretty well-specified device - connectivity, productivity and battery life are well put together, which is impressive on a phone that costs just £20 per month.

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