Now onto media on the LG Intouch Max GW620 - and it certainly was an odd experience. We're not talking about the performance - we're more intrigued by the fact that the way the media is displayed hints at a hidden screen that other companies have failed to spot.

If we compare the GW620 to the Motorola Dext, we see an interesting similarity - they both display the media in a kind of 'angled gallery' format, with the thumbnails of the media in question making up a picture-board effect.

LG intouch max gw620

We initially put this down to a new version of the gallery with the Dext, but given it's also being seen here, and on an older version of the OS, we're wondering whether LG and Motorola are the only two companies to discover this hidden secret - or less interestingly, the only two to bother to use it. Either way, we're perplexed.

Media use on the phone was certainly no slouch, with LG throwing in all kinds of video codecs into the mix. DivX, MP4 and H.264 were all present and correct, meaning that the vast majority of our media files played without a problem. However, M4V wasn't present in the compatibility list, which will be a shame for some of those who have coded their files for an iPod.

LG intouch max gw620

The music player on the Intouch Max GW620 was the basic Android one AGAIN - and we're getting seriously bored with nobody managing to upgrade it yet. Yes, the big icons are easy to hit, and the level of intuition for placing all the functions on the screen is good - but we want something that offers a little more than just being able to play our tunes (and play then well, sonically, might we add), something like being able to edit the album artwork directly from the song.

LG intouch max gw620

Another little feature LG is keen to show off is the movie maker - although we're getting a little tired of this feature and hope the company upgrades it soon. Basically you get to choose a song (or section of it), a few photos and some transition effects, and then fuse the whole lot together to make a little 'film' of your slides.

And you can upload it to YouTube as well - but we can't think of anyone in their right mind who would want to do that.