HTC Touch Diamond 2 review

Is the Touch Diamond 2 the best iPhone alternative yet released?

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The HTC Touch Diamond2 has 512MB of onboard memory (the original Diamond had 256MB) and the microSD capacity has been beefed up to 16GB, though there's no card supplied. You'll need to remove the case to get to the memory card, but not the battery, so it's hot swappable, just about.

HTC's products have tended to be satisfactory on battery life but the company has made more of an effort with the Touch Diamond2.

The battery this time out is noticeably bigger than its predecessor and claims up to 340 minutes and 360 hours for GSM usage (300 minutes, 500 hours for WCDMA).

It only promises an extra ten minutes of talk time over the original Diamond, but in practise we found that it lasted significantly longer and gave us a good three days of regular use, including web browsing using Wi-Fi.