APP4MAC Twin 1.01 review

The backup app that offers safety for your data to FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3 and disk

APP4MAC Twin 1.01
The Twin interface is simple to use even when multiple backups are set

TechRadar Verdict

In essence, it's the perfect backup tool


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    Easy to use

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    Back up to multiple destinations

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    Multiple backup routines

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    Runs in background


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    Twin is a backup utility whose aim is to be as flexible as possible. Setting up a backup is simple with an automated routine that lets you select either the entire hard disk or a folder within it.

    With Twin, you can send data to a local disk, another computer, your iDisk or even an FTP server. Additionally you can use the Amazon S3 service and others like it too.

    This gives you the option of creating both onsite and offsite backups, which is an effective approach to take if you're looking to keep your data extra safe. You can encrypt the data too, so it's secure.

    You can set any number of backup routines, using the interface and to edit or run them, simply select the desired backup and choose the appropriate options. Scheduling is flexible with backup on launch, every hour and daily. And if the server goes offline your data will back up when it's up again.

    Making backup software simple is easy, making it compelling enough to use regularly is a different matter. It's not often that an app impresses us quite this much, but Twin really did.

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