Samsung SCX-4500 MFP review

The practical side of this sleek multi-function printer is quietly delightful

Samsung has pulled out all the stops to make the SCX-4500 the prettiest thing in the workplace

TechRadar Verdict

Works beautifully, but it’s too expensive


  • +

    Looks good

  • +

    Practical design

  • +



  • -

    Not enough features to justify price

  • -

    No USB cable

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Looks lovely, doesn't it? That's what Samsung is hoping you'll think as it charges a premium for its new product. Laser printers are available from as little as £50 now. As well as this MFP (Multi Function Printer) product, there's also a standalone laser in the range: the ML-1630.

However, you can buy a £120 colour Samsung laser - the handy CLP-300 - with similar print speeds (16 pages per minute) while the colour ClX-2160 MFP costs £180 online. That's £20 less and boasts colour!

So things aren't looking good for the SCX-4500 in terms of value. Yet one area it does excel in is design. The buttons are all touch, with a blue 1980s-style LED display and button lights. When the scanner gets going, a glowing blue light moves up and down the lid. This is as haute couture as a printer can possibly get. There's even a polishing cloth included. It's a shame this mentality didn't stretch to supplying a USB2 cable.

A matter of output

Even if you've never entertained the thought of setting up a laser before, it really is simple. The most difficult part was getting into the bag that contains the toner. A little guesswork was needed when inserting the toner cartridge because the instructions didn't mention the kind of pressure that was required. Elsewhere, the 100 sheet paper tray is a bit plasticky and slightly difficult to re-insert, though we can't say Samsung is alone in this.

In operation, the machine is extremely quiet and we were impressed at how easily we were able to produce our first copies and prints. But the best feature has to be the Scan to PC button, which automatically transfers scans to your PC with ease.

Yet is the SCX-4500 actually worth it? That depends on whether you value style over features. Is a good-looking laser printer really important to you? It might work well, but you'll probably find that it's a price point too far.

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