Thrustmaster F1 Wireless Gamepad review

A revved-up PC and PS3 controller

Thrustmaster F1 Wireless Gamepad
A gamepad made for fans of Formula 1

TechRadar Verdict

If you're a big Formula 1 and Ferrari fan then this won't be such a bad buy, but it's a real shame about the cheap-feeling buttons.


  • +

    Attractive design

  • +


  • +

    Compatible with PC and PS3

  • +

    Reprogrammable buttons

  • +

    Responsive analogue sticks


  • -

    Cheap feel

  • -

    Some buttons are uncomfortable to reach

  • -

    Doesn't have rechargeable battery

  • -

    Looks might put you off

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The Thrustmaster F1 Wireless Gamepad has clearly been designed with racing fans in mind. It certainly looks the part, and it's an official Ferrari product.

Unfortunately looks aren't everything and the product itself feels a bit cheap and insubstantial, a far cry from the quality and precision of cars bearing the Ferrari logo.

It's the buttons that let the Thrustmaster F1 Wireless Gamepad down, as they don't offer the same solid resistance that you get from some of the better gamepads.

The feel of a gamepad is so essential that it is such a shame that the Thrustmaster F1 Wireless Gamepad is let down by this.

In other respects this gamepad is very good. Its shape is modelled on Sony's DualShock controllers, and while it might be a design that isn't to everyone's taste it works perfectly well here.

It's also wireless and compatible with both the PC and PS3, and if you look around you can find it for a bit cheaper than Sony's official controller.

You can also configure the buttons for better control, although two of the buttons (R2 and L2) are positioned in a place that makes them uncomfortable to use, therefore making them all but useless.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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