Kingston 4GB DataTraveler

Loads of space but at a cost

Kingston has a good name among Apple resellers. With this in mind we looked through the company's catalogue. This 4GB USB flash drive stood out, with its generous capacity in a small format. The same casing is used by Kingston right down to their 256MB models and is lightweight with ribbed grips on the sides.

Unfortunately, its Travelsafe software, for password protecting and encrypting data, is not Mac compatible. It's hard to find any flash drives that come with Mac security software in the box.

Transferring data with the drive is plug-and-play as you would expect, though this drive is slower than the Sony drive on this page when connected to a highspeed USB port. That probably won't bother you much, though: it's almost as expensive as a 30GB iPod, which can also be used as a data hub, making it a very hard sell. James Ellerbeck