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Morphée sleep aid
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The Morphée is a little bit of a curio on initial inspection, but after you’ve acquainted yourself with its many options, it proves to be an impressive sleep and relaxation aid. Getting a better night's rest isn't an exact science, and different things work for different people, but we found this little noise machine pretty good for short relaxation sessions during stressful periods. It’s also impressive at night, but it takes time to find the mode that suits you best. You are given 100 nights to test the device, with free returns if it doesn't work for you, but based on its wide variety of options, we think you'll find something that not only helps with relaxation, but will also enable you to enjoy better sleep too.


  • +

    Lots of sound options

  • +

    Clever compact design

  • +

    Impressive battery life


  • -

    Almost too much choice

  • -

    Voicing is an acquired taste

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30-second review

The quirky little Morphée is a sleep aid built to transform your bedtime routine and offer relaxation sessions. The best thing about it is that, unlike a typical white noise machine, it can be used whenever and wherever you get some spare time. It’s a compact box of tricks that employs meditation and sophrology to deliver eight or 20-minute sessions, selected using a trio of analog keys.

Compact and great to look at, the Morphée gets you away from your screen activities and offers a range of relaxing modes all designed to help melt away stress and anxiety. Ultimately, the pint-sized gizmo might also help you nod off too, delivering a better night’s sleep into the bargain.

Price and availability

Morphée is to be a European creation, developed in Provence, France judging by the website. It’s available for $99.99 (about £70 / AU$120) direct from Morphée, with worldwide shipping. Alternatively, you can buy it from Amazon in the US. There's also a My Little Morphée variant for children available for the same price.

That's considerably more than a typical plug-in white noise machine, but it's tricky to compare the two directly, as the Morphée is quite unusual.

Morphée sleep aid with charging cable, box and instructions

The Morphée sleep aid is a compact device presented is a nicely crafted wooden case (Image credit: Rob Clymo)


At first glance, the Morphée looks like a small wooden storage container. The lid is fashioned from what seems to be real wood (possibly pine), which covers a plastic bottom section where all of the technical components reside. Lift that lid off, and you'll discover a compact box of tricks that delivers a nod to those old wind up music boxes of yesteryear.

The Morphée packs a lot of features and functionality underneath its wooden hood. The design is wonderfully tactile, and anyone who picks it up will soon be drawn to the curious collection of controls.

Looking at it from the top down, there are three gold-coloured handles that can be turned in dial fashion to select the various modes and functions. The feel is reminiscent of a clockwork toy.

Morphée sleep aid

The Morphée is controlled using a trio of pleasingly tactile keys (Image credit: Rob Clymo)

The smallest handle lets you choose the length of your session (either eight or 20 minutes), and the two larger ones allow you to choose a mode (on the left) and variations on the theme (on the right). Morphée has done a neat job adding small gold icons that give you a hint of what to expect, such as a leaf, music note, heart icon, a person breathing and so on. To the right, the numbers allow you to tweak those core settings.

At the bottom of the circle you'll find a power button and a stop/start control. To the right are + and – buttons for controlling volume, while a man/woman icon next to that allows you to fine-tune the output depending on gender, if applicable.

The speaker site behind a small grille on the leading edge, while on the other side is the charging port. There’s a headphone port too, which can be used for private sessions if you’re travelling, for example.

The Morphée comes with a cable for powering up the unit. When it’s fully charged and/or in use a small golden LED in the middle of the user interface delivers a soothing glow.

Morphée sleep aid icons

Icons on the top of the device indicate different sound options (Image credit: Rob Clymo)


The Morphée offers plenty of different meditation and sophrology sessions, with over 200 different combinations available by dialling in the options using those neat controls. There’s the option of selecting a female or male guide, and the diversity of the sessions on offers includes eight nature sounds in 3D, eight cardiac coherence sessions, and a further eight relaxing songs. Which one you choose depends on your personal preference and mood, and we found there was always at least one option that fitted the bill.

However, central to getting the best from the Morphée Sleep Aid is buying into the way it ticks. You really do need to try and get ‘in the zone’ and avoid fighting its soothing charms. This was more of a challenge with the voice-driven sessions. We rather liked the ‘Parachute Jump’ eight-minute session, especially delivered by Jessica, whose voice has something of an American tinge to it, as does the male voice of Tim.

If you find it hard to take things seriously, getting into the zone might prove a little harder. You have to give the Morphée a chance, even if it’s just eight minutes instead of the beefier 20-minute sessions

Morphée sleep aid time settings

Sessions can last eight eight or 20 minutes (Image credit: Rob Clymo)

We enjoyed the music settings too, which can be altered by selecting a number from the right-hand side of the controls. In fact, the numbers let you do this with any of the core menu options, which is why there’s such a large range of listening options at your disposal.

We worked our way through all of the available themes, which includes Body Scan, Breathing, Movement, Visualizations, Cardiac Coherence, Napping, Relaxing music and Nature sounds. According to Morphée, a team of sleep professionals created these sessions, with guidance coming from sophrology expert Florence Binay.

There’s certainly something for everyone hidden inside the Morphée, and we got some good mileage out of the Napping selection, which is well worth exploring if you’re frequently short on time. However, you’ll get the best from the unit by treating yourself to some me time and heading for the 20-minute button.

Morphée sleep aid with lid

The Morphée has impressive battery life, and its compact design lends itself well to travel (Image credit: Rob Clymo)

Another advantage is that if you wake up in the night, the Morphée's tactile design means you don't have to switch the light on to start it again. Everything can be felt in the dark, with those key handles allowing you to easily click through the settings and restart any of your favourite sessions.

Morphée also has a ‘My Notebook’ page in the manual, which lets you scribble down your favourite sessions, which is worth doing if you find yourself a little bamboozled by the many and varied options on offer.

First reviewed October 2021

Buy it if

You struggle to sleep
There are many different options to try, and they’re all worth either an eight or 20-minute session.

Relaxation beckons
Morphée is great for quick and easy relaxation sessions and the choice of themes is extensive.

You’re keen on meditation and sophrology
You'll enjoy around 200 different variations on the theme.

Don't buy it if

You can’t give it time
Morphée needs a minimum of eight minutes to enjoy, but it’s the longer sessions that really pay dividends.

The voices make you snigger
You’ll need to focus and take the Morphée seriously, which means listening intently to those spoken words.

You don’t want another gadget
A good book might offer the diversion you need in order to lower stress levels and Morphée also needs recharging from time to time.

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