Liquid Image Ego HD + Wi-Fi review

A tiny and affordable action cam that rivals GoPro

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The Ego HD comes in a variety colors and it's water-resistant. If you want to go full waterproof you'll have to invest in the company's Model 750 Waterproof Housing which makes the Ego HD safe up to 40m or 130 feet.

Liquid Image Ego HD Wi Fi

Liquid Image Ego HD Wi Fi

We were somewhat disappointed with the limited mounting options that come with the Ego HD. The standard package includes the Ego HD sports camera, clear protective face cover, flat mount bracket, extra adhesive foam pads, and a USB Cable. We would have liked a curved mount bracket for a helmet. Of course, considering the relatively low price of the Ego HD you can just buy those accessories and still come in at a significantly lower price than any GoPro Hero option.

In our tests we used the Ego HD with the optional chest mount and the clear protective face cover but the housing, which isn't closed, fogged up pretty bad and we lost a lot of footage. We then removed the face cover and things improved dramatically. Additionally, we mounted the Ego HD to the tip of one ski and hit some fresh powder among some trees. Upon reaching the bottom of the run we looked down only to find a broken mount and no camera! We contacted Liquid Image and they immediately sent out a new unit and requested the broken unit for some testing.

Liquid Image Ego HD Wi Fi

After getting the replacement unit we returned to the scene of the crime to recreate the situation and the Ego HD performed admirably.