LG 50PZ950T review

LG's 50-inch flagship 3D plasma TV boasts a huge online service and active 3D

LG 50PZ950T
Smart TV and active 3D headline on LG's flagship plasma TV

TechRadar Verdict


  • +

    Attractive and robust design

  • +

    Solid active 3D performance

  • +

    Excellent multimedia tools


  • -

    Traces of 3D crosstalk noise

  • -

    Sluggish online OS

  • -

    Surprisingly average black levels

  • -

    Excessive input lag

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LG has been so aggressive about promoting its new passive 3D TV technology this year that you'd be forgiven for thinking the brand no longer made any active 3D TVs. But actually, active 3D is still alive and well on the plasma side of LG's TV range, thanks to LG's belief that plasma screens aren't bright enough to work with the filter that has to go across the front of passive 3D TVs.

The 50PZ950T we tested is LG's 50-inch flagship 3D plasma TV. This is reflected in its design, as it enjoys LG's very attractive Infinia/Razor Frame styling, complete with a single-layer finish over both its bezel and its screen. In fact, the glass top sheet extends fractionally beyond the TV's edges, which adds style from the front as well as exaggerating the TV's impressively slim profile (by plasma standards).

Another flagship feature is the inclusion of a black filter within the screen's structure to boost contrast. Plus you get not one but two remotes with the TV: one standard one and one Magic one that's kind of like a WiiMote for your TV.

The LG 50PZ950T is also equipped with the latest version of LG's Smart TV online service, complete with a number of new services that are helping it to become a real rival to the online offerings of previous connected TV leaders Samsung and Sony.

Add to the mix DLNA support, a built-in Freeview HD tuner, extensive multimedia playback from USB, plus Wi-Fi via an included USB dongle, and the LG 50PZ950T has the potential to be quite a bargain given its £1,100 price tag.

The only other model in LG's PZ950 range is the 60-inch 60PZ950.

If you can live without the built-in Wi-Fi and TruBlack filter, then you can step down to the PZ570 series. Or if you're looking for something that uses LG's passive 3D technology, the equivalent LCD range would likely be LG's LW650 series.

LG's most budget 3D plasmas are the PW450T series, but these suffer quite seriously with crosstalk.

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