iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max benchmark scores demonstrate their monstrous power

iPhone 15 Pro
The iPhone 15 Pro (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max were always going to be among the most powerful phones of 2023, but now we have a clearer idea of exactly how powerful they are, as both handsets have appeared on Geekbench.

Initially spotted by MySmartPrice, there are now several Geekbench listings for the iPhone 15 Pro, and in the latest of these it achieves a single-core score of 2,914 and a multi-core result of 7,199. Note that the phone is listed as the ‘iPhone16,1’, but from the chipset details it’s clear this refers to one of the new Pro models, and MySmartPrice claims it’s specifically the iPhone 15 Pro.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max has also appeared in Geekbench listings (listed as the ‘iPhone16,2’), the latest of which shows a single-core score of 2,787, and a multi-core result of 6,853.

So in both cases that’s slightly lower than the iPhone 15 Pro’s scores, but while higher scores are better, that doesn’t mean it’s less powerful, as there can be some variation in test results.

More importantly though, both phones score a fair bit higher than their predecessors. The iPhone 14 Pro currently has an average single-core score of 2,520 and an average multi-core result of 6,387, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max averages 2,519 and 6,367 for single-core and multi-core respectively.

Not only that, but they score far higher than any Android phones. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra currently tops the Geekbench Android benchmark charts for single-core scores, with an average of 1,878. For multi-core results, the Vivo X90 Pro Plus is top of the charts, with an average result of 5,152.

More power and more RAM

So going purely by Geekbench results, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max look to be the most powerful phones on the planet, by a significant margin. Though in general use you might not really feel all that extra power. However, games like Resident Evil 4 remake and Assassin's Creed Mirage are due to be ported over to iOS, so could benefit from all that power. 

Interestingly, these benchmark listings also mention 8GB of RAM, which would be 2GB more than the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have. It’s possible this detail is wrong, so we wouldn’t take it as confirmed just yet, but it was widely rumored pre-launch that these phones would have 8GB of RAM. Sadly, it’s not something Apple ever reveals, so we won’t know for sure until someone has taken them apart.

In the meantime, for everything we do know about Apple’s latest best phone contenders, check out our hands-on iPhone 15 review, our hands-on iPhone 15 Pro review, and our hands-on iPhone 15 Pro Max review.

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