You might not mind carrying the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in your pocket

Galaxy Z Fold3 Multitasking
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As we move closer to the expected announcement of Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy Z Fold and Flip phones, more details are emerging about their designs and specifications. New leaks point to a slimmer, lighter footprint to make the Z Fold 4 more hand-friendly and pocketable.

Well-established leaker Ice Universe posted about the size change on Twitter, also noting that the phone will allegedly have a more square display than previous folds. The change also comes with a slightly narrower bezel.

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Other tweets from the industry insider include a retweet from Display Supply Chain Consultant CEO Ross Young who says that Z Fold and Flip production are allegedly doubling what they were producing for the Fold and Flip 3. This rumor would imply that Samsung has big expectations for sales of the two devices, and possibly a price cut to incentivize more sales.

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Previously, we’ve seen Z Fold 4 camera rumors, and other information pointing to the usual spec bumps we’d expect from a generational upgrade. Some sources claim that the phone will include an S-Pen, but Ice Universe claims otherwise. 

Dutch tech blog Galaxy Club claims that the battery capacity will be 4270mAh split between two batteries which, as we know, is great for battery longevity and helps keep devices fairly thin.

Any details we see in leaks remain to be confirmed, as there has not been an official announcement yet, but the buzz that the phone is generating four months before its expected announcement is a good sign.

 The Z Fold 3 is still a bit...beefy

As long as battery life stays decent, a slimmer profile is more than welcome in a giant folding device like the Z Fold series. Nobody wants to carry around an unpocketable brick that they’ll inevitably use to take photos and videos. 

We quite liked the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but its thickness and heft were a pain point in an otherwise bleeding-edge device. At 271g, it’s a chunky two-handed phone, and while the Z Fold 4 could be significantly lighter, it will no doubt be a two-handed phone as well.

There are many conflicting leaks out there about it, but if the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has an S-Pen built-in, it will be one of the most versatile phones on the market, which makes us excited for the future of the growing foldable niche.

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