Yamaha's latest wireless earbuds look after your ears by adapting to the environment

Lilac Yamaha TW-E3B earbuds
(Image credit: Yamaha)

Home cinema giant Yamaha has launched a new pair of true wireless earbuds that it says will prevent damage to hearing health by adapting to the environment around you. 

By using the brand’s own Listening Care technology – which we’ve heard talk of before – the TW-E3B earbuds will allow listeners to hear full-range sound, from high to low frequencies, even at low volume settings.

That means, Yahama says, users won’t need to dangerously increase volume levels in order to fully enjoy their music, videos or podcasts as they might do with other earbuds.

As well as providing peace of mind for the listener, though, the TW-E3B earbuds have also been designed with comfort in mind. For instance, Yahama says the buds themselves have been downsized by 25% compared to previous models like the TW-E7A, while their insert housing has been treated with a non-slip coating to ensure a secure fit in even the smallest ears.

That tight fit should also ensure the earbuds can be inserted, without discomfort, deep into the ear to prevent sound leakage, with Bluetooth 5 Qualcomm aptX connectivity maintaining a strong connection with your chosen listening device.

Pink Yamaha TW-E3B earbuds

(Image credit: Yamaha)

Function buttons have been redesigned, too, with simple volume controls now joined by voice assistance to help make changing music and making phone calls as easy as possible. 

As for their battery life, Yamaha says the TW-E3B earbuds can boast 24 hours of wireless power, which is about the standard we’ve come to expect nowadays from similar products.

In terms of appearance, the earbuds are more like pebbles for the ears than stem-adorned listening devices à la the Apple AirPods, and are set to arrive in six different colours – which the brand says are “two chic monotone [colours] and four smoky [colours].”

The TW-E3B earbuds are expected to hit the shelves in September, and will be available for £119.00 in the UK and €139.00 in Europe.

Analysis: Listen to your health

At £119.00 / €139.00, Yamaha’s TW-E3B earbuds aren’t the cheapest pair we’ve ever seen – that title goes to JLab’s recent $20 effort – but they’re not overpriced, either.

Especially when we’re seeing more and more products reach the sharp end of expensive (looking at you, Bang & Olufsen), Yamaha’s latest audio offering represents a great value investment in your own hearing health, even if the earbuds themselves don’t boast the same bells and whistles we’ve seen from high-end equivalents like the Bose QuietComfort or AirPods Pro

That said, we’re yet to test the TW-E3B earbuds, and there’s every chance they could prove a competent true wireless option in addition to being a sensible choice for your ears. 

We’ll keep our ear to the ground on that one.

Axel Metz
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