World's first commercially available Jetpack goes on sale

Martin Jetpack goes on sale soon - yours for a mere £60k or so
Martin Jetpack goes on sale soon - yours for a mere £60k or so

Ever since the glory days of the Fall Guy in the 1980s any self-respecting gadget geek has craved a workable jetpack.

The new Martin Jetpack is priced at $86,000 (£57,675) and is the world's first commercially available personal flying machine.

This beast of a machine will allow you a full 30 minutes of flight time, so just be careful you are not too high when you are reaching that 28-minute point in your flight across from the top of London's Centrepoint to the top of the BT Tower.

The machine's rotors are built from a carbon / Kevlar composite and powered by a 200hp two-liter V4 two-stroke petrol engine.

Safety first, fun last

Martin Aircraft is based in New Zealand, so you may also have to take a trip over there to pick up your new wonder-toy. Either that, or pay a couple of extra grand for the shipping costs…

Martin Aircraft was founded in 1998 in Christchurch New Zealand and it's taken them twelve years of hard work to finally develop a machine they consider worthy (and safe enough) for commercial release.

Martin has made sure that the pack also has safety systems that will kick in in case the main system goes down. Should all else fail the machine also contains a ballistic parachute to aid with any emergency landings.

Control-wise, pitch and roll are controlled by one hand, thrust and yaw by the other. Finally, you have weigh between 140-240 pounds to be allowed to fly one of these.

Still want one? Head over to Martin Aircraft's website to place your order.

Via Gizmag

Adam Hartley