Wi-Fi enabled solar-powered park bench

Owen Song's Solar Inside Wi-Fi park bench
Owen Song's Solar Inside Wi-Fi park bench

Today is 'national working from home day' celebrating the merits of using the latest internet and communications technologies to improve productivity and, as such, designer Owen Song has imagined the ideal WFH-gadget – the Wi-Fi enabled solar-powered park bench!

Of course, for us Brits this would only really work on the one out of ten days in the summer months when it was actually warm and dry enough to venture outside.

And then most of us would probably moan about the heat or the sun's rays spoiling the view of our laptop screen, so Mr Song might want to think about fitting an overhead sun visor and some air-conditioning into his wizard new park bench design.

Always-on Wi-Fi bench

You can see more of Owen Song's Solar Inside concept bench right here which features a number of solar panels fitted into the seating surface.

Surely, while TechRadar is no expert on the very latest developments in solar panelling, these should have been located elsewhere? (Perhaps somewhere where they would not be covered up by those lazy freelancers/ working-at-home-type's bottoms...)

Apparently though, an always topped-up battery hidden inside the bench would ensure that the Wi-Fi was always-on, no matter how dark it was. Or how many bottoms were obscuring the solar panels...

So, aside from our minor gripes though, we genuinely think it's a good idea. Although we cannot imagine Britain's cash-strapped local councils putting Wi-Fi enabled solar powered benches up high on their priority lists for park renovations right now!

For more on national working from home day, check out the website.

Adam Hartley